Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Repost on Morel Mushrooms...Just Because Now is the TIME!

If you came here to find out where to find morel mushrooms, you're not alone. Many of those who land on Wanna Walk Along arrive because they googled something like "where to find morel mushrooms". And google sends 'em here. Or at least to a post I made in May 2009 entitled "The Best Place to Find Morel Mushrooms".

Here's what I wrote then! If you have never eaten morels, you will surely be enticed! Read on!

Morels! These mushrooms in a paper bag may not look very appetizing but we know these are a true prize!Fresh Morel Mushrooms
They are the best of the best! Each spring local mushroom hunters impatiently wait for those first warm days for they know the morels will be popping. Those on the sandy soils of the Missouri River bottoms pop first! And that's good! However, those tend to be dirty with sand and with teensy bugs. Of course you can wash and rinse until they are clean. But the BEST morels come from the foothills. The slopes warm a tad slower than the bottomland soils so this makes them a second crop, so to speak. These are the best and the cleanest. Free from sand. And most years free from bugs.Morel Mushrooms Ready to Dip and Fry

We don't hunt mushrooms anymore but we have family and friends who bring us enough of a supply to eat a few tasty meals each spring. Look at these cleaned morels. They've been lightly rinsed and sliced through the middle and they're ready to cook!

Folks cook them different ways...a simple saute in butter...dip in egg and flour and fry till crispy...or dip in egg and cracker crumbs and fry. You can go online and find various recipes but everyone is in complete agreement that morels are wonderful. I've also used them in a creaMorels Dipped in egg and Flour and Friedmy pasta dish. They're easy to store in the freezer...simply freeze on a cookie sheet, then place in a freezer bag for storage. They can also be dried and later rehydrated.

This morning we had a few with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Yum!

By the way, morel hunters are as close-mouthed as fisherman. They'll never tell you their favorite hunting spot. It's each man for himself when it comes to morel mushrooms. And we thank friend Mike and son-in-law Mark for keeping us supplied with these tasty gems!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

When Calvin Coolidge Invades Dreamland

It was not a good ending for Calvin Coolidge. In my dream the 30th President of the United States did not have a good ending. He was assassinated. In my dream, that is. Not in real life. This was a dream. Only a dream.

I don't know how this former President got into my dreamlife. I hadn't been reading about Presidents. I don't remember reading or hearing his name in recent weeks. What could have prompted this dream?

As I the dream CC was assassinated. And I had the task of appearing on a famous news network and giving an "economic report" subsequent to the assassination. I am not an economist. But for some weird reason they wanted MY opinion. Fancy that! In real life I would have laughed my fool head off if anyone asked me to do something such as this! But in my dream I just felt obligated to the request. Who was I to argue with such important people!

Kevin Costner (yes, he of Hollywood fame) was involved in this outlandish dream, too. He was to appear on that same news network. His task was to report the hows, whys and whats of the aforementioned assassination.

We were both nervous, very nervous, about our upcoming interviews. I'm sure Costner would have given an informed and credible interview. As for mine? I don't remember a thing I was supposed to say. Probably good thing, for if I did, I would write it all down here for you to read. It would have been incredibly boring.

I haven't a clue whether they caught the villain. He/she never showed up in my dream.

For the "real" story of the life of Calvin Coolidge click here.

P.S. President Coolidge died of a heart attack at age 60. Too young in my estimation.