Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whereupon I Tell You that Lillian Loved Laughter and Lilacs

Once upon a time Hubby and I lived in California in a small rural community.  Each Sunday we drove 12 miles "up the hill" to the town where we went to church.  On the way we often picked up Lillian who resided at an assisted care facility, a small rural home where six to ten elderly persons resided.
Hubby and I met Lillian when one of the deacons of our church asked if we could pick her up on our way to church. Lillian was a dear woman and always ready to engage in conversation. She enjoyed sitting up front with Hubby and delighted us with her sweet spirit and alert mind and ready smile. Her smile was as wide as an ocean and always genuine.  She loved going to church. We loved taking her.   
Lillian loved flowers and especially lilacs.  A couple months after she died I had a dream about her. I wrote it down in the form of a poem. I'm so glad I did for I fear I would have forgotten the sweetness of this dream had I not done so.

Sweet Lillian

I dreamt of Sweet Lillian.
She said she saw lilacs in the sky.
I thought her words strange
   that she misspoke
   or saw things that were not there.
Yet she laughed
   with that wide laugh of her youth.
So I looked to see
   what made her throw back her head
   in wide display of laughter,
And there
   spread across the blue-lavender sky
   were lilacs in full bloom
   soft canopy of lavender blue.
In delight
   I joined my grateful laughter with hers.
Sweet Lillian.