Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Recurring Dream

I don't dream this one anymore, but in years past, I had this dream often. As a child I collected pennies and put them in those little blue folding penny books. In the dream I would be checking my latest batch of pennies and now and then would find a "commemorative" penny, one which featured on the reverse a particular state. These were always a special find and I was disappointed upon waking that it was only a dream.

Then Uncle Sam decided to mint the commemorative quarters. I'm certain he stole my idea, but I can't prove it. (Big grin here.) And since then I no longer have that particular dream.

Nah, I don't believe in ESP or in the paranormal. I deal with life on concrete terms (although I certainly believe in spiritual things for I am a follower of Jesus Christ). Still...I've had several recurring dreams and this was one of them. It was always fun finding (in the dream) one of those special pennies.

And, yes, I have a collection of the state quarters.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recurring Dreams

I've had several recurring dreams (who hasn't?). Last night I had a dream that I've dreamt many times before. In the dream I'm going down a flight of stairs with my feet in a "ski" position in such a way that I skim the front edges of the steps in a speedy, smooth descent. My hand is on the handrail which gives me some stability in this fast trip. If I balance just right, the move from the top step to the bottom is smooth, uninterrupted, fast. I haven't stumbled yet in this dream!

I suppose it dates back to my school days. We attended a three-story school building. The top floor was the high school and there were two flights of steps between each floor...about ten steps in one direction, then around a short corner to take ten more steps in the opposite direction. I was always running down those steps (as was every other kid in school) and once I tripped and skidded on my bottom, hitting several steps, leaving a huge blue knot of a bruise that took forever to disappear. Even though I was never able to "ski" as in the dream, I would balance my hand on the handrail and jump several steps at a time.

That was when I was young and agile and always in a hurry. Nowadays I tread carefully downstairs and up and only dream about going faster.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Daffodils

Spring is not yet sprung and yesterday's marvelous weather was followed by today's temps down to freezing. West of us they are getting snow, and it may arrive on our doorstep soon. This morning I put on a good windbreaker and cut some of my Mount Hood daffodils. I figure they will look much prettier in the living room than under freezing rain and snow. I really like the white of the Mount Hood.

Most of my daffs are all or part yellow. A bouquet of the yellow/whites (sorry, I don't know their name) sits on the bathroom counter where the mirror serves to double the view!

I find that daffodils multiply and look more lovely each year. I don't have the same good luck with tulips so from now on I'll be investing my bulb budget on daffodils.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sparse Sewing Times

Wow! Events beyond my control have prevented me from sitting down in front of my sewing machine for even a few moments. Today won't be much better. My current project is a 4-Patch quilt made from shirt fabrics and I'm stitching the 4-Patches first. Then I will assemble them in a manner similar to this quilt which I completed several years ago..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm In the Story

I've been doing some night time long distance driving lately. Late at night. Midnight. Long miles.

I've always enjoyed driving at night. Moon in the sky off my left shoulder. Very little traffic. The hum of the tires on the pavement. Rolling down the highway, mile after mile, purposeful, playing out the events of the day in my mind. Sometimes I'll tune in a radio station and listen to some voice in the night, some late night DJ who is simply talking into the night. And there I am...listening to him...and he doesn't know it...and I don't know him. But he's talking and I'm listening. And we're sharing the night together.

I get the oddest feeling on those trips that somehow I am part of some grand thing. Some grand story. Playing my part in some grand event of which my life is only a minor part, yet a much important part. I never have that feeling when I am driving daytime to do some shopping. No, it has to be a long haul drive at night when the road stretches out in front of me, my headlights hugging the road, and the miles passing under me, smoothly, as if I'm floating along. The fatigue that comes with those night drives is familiar and comforting, and it's as if I'm taking part in some grand fatigue of a grand story. I'm in that story.

I'll sleep well tonight. And I hope you do, too.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing with my first ACEO

"ACEO! What is that?", you say. ACEO is an acronym that stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They began originally as Artists' Trading Cards and were traded by artists amongst themselves. Now they are created as an item to be sold. The main rule is the size - 2.5x3.5 inches. Last week while visiting my DD who has an artistic bent, we spent several hours creating our own ACEOs. Here are a couple of mine.

The first had no theme until after it was finished. Then it's design called out its name, "Spilled Martini". Here I am, of vintage age, silver hair, and I can truthfully tell you I've never had a martini. All I know is that they have green olives.

The second one has an "outer space" theme and is simply called "Space 1" for I made several with that theme.

You will be surprised at the medium. We used pastels, permanent markers, and old bottles of fingernail polish in various colors with and without glitter. Pretty smelly, but Pretty.

Friday, April 11, 2008

You'll Think I'm Ancient

You'll think I'm ancient when you read that my Dad was born before the 20th Century. Yes, he's gone now. He'd be ancient himself if he were still alive. LOL.

I've been playing with family history using an online genealogy site. At first I tried their free trial subscription, but when I had so much fun and was able to access a lot of census data, etc., I bought a year's subscription.

Here's a photo of my Dad. All the days of his life he was a farmer, wearing bib overalls most days. When I was very small I remember him carrying a can of tobacco in the bib pocket. He also had a watch on a woven leather string that he let me pull out and look at. Sometimes he even had a few pennies in his bib pockets and if I found them, he'd let me keep them.

When it was time to go to church, though, Dad wore a suit and his dress hat. He looked pretty spiffy.

He was such a nice man. Quiet and gentle. Loving and kind. Great sense of humor. I miss him a lot.

I bet you still think I'm Ancient. Or at least Vintage.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

French Toast Sans Fork

Ah! Finally! Someone else to do the cooking!

My 11-year-old grandson came to visit this weekend and showed off his new recipe for French Toast for my mother who came over for breakfast. Raisin bread. Cinnamon in the egg/milk mixture. Dip and Fry.

My grandson believes in a hands-on approach and refused to use a fork even when I laid one on the counter. Of course, each time he dipped another skillet full of bread, he had to turn to the sink, wash his hands, and dry them.

The French Toast was DeeLish!!

And since DGS did the cooking, I did the dishes.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

When News is Not News

Really!!! How do some of the major news networks determine which stories they will feature on the nightly news! Surely within our fifty states there must be countless news stories that will interest the masses. But instead of reporting about important things (such as some local agency reducing the crime rate within a fifty mile radius of a local school and how other communities can do the same), these major networks report the silliest news.

For instance, yesterday's headlines read "Two Wives Divorce Husband at Same Time". Thinking some guy was caught committing bigamy I click and find out this took place in Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia. What!! Does Fox News maintain a local correspondent in Kuala Lumpur? And if so, does he find this the most interesting news he can find for the day? Some people may find this marital tidbit interesting but surely they will be disappointed when they see no accompanying photograph of the ex-brides.

How about "Toddlers Can No Longer Marry in Arkansas"! What is this? Age discrimination? LOL. Actually lawmakers passed a bill last year that mistakenly allowed anyone of any age to marry without parental permission. They're simply correcting their mistake. In the meantime I wonder how many Arkansas three-year-olds applied for marriage licenses last year!

Now I will admit that "Woman Bites Pit Bull to Save Dog's Life" sounds a bit more newsworthy! That's definitely a must read! And read it I did. Wow! That Woman Rules! She not only bit! She drew blood! Whew!!!

I hate to even mention the articles on "how many minutes" are appropriate for marital bliss nor "umpteen ways to please your mate in bed or under the bed or in someone else's bed". No, sirree, I've been married long enough to know that is a highly personal matter and I really don't care how many minutes the next-door neighbors prefer nor whose bed they sleep in.

There are scary headlines, too, something to the effect of "Man Goes to Surgery to Remove Left Toe and Instead Has Right Eye Removed"... or "Woman Goes In For Tummy Tuck and Has Both Thumbs Removed Instead". You get the drift. Surgery at its best with Surgeons of Renown. I've cancelled three scheduled surgeries in the past week just because of those headlines. (Just Kidding!)

I would like to spend a day at Fox News with the managing editor to see how and under what influence he chooses the headlines for the day. Maybe I could give him a few pointers as to what is "real news".

I much preferred the days when "news" was "News" and not gossip, editorializing, or politicizing.

By the way, one more mention of any one of several famous blonde bombshell escapades and I puke. Do you suppose if that happens, I will make the news?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

French Toast for Breakfast

I'm visiting at DGS's home. My grandson made breakfast for me. French toast made with raisin bread and cinnamon. His mother had shown him how and had also carefully written out the instructions. DGS didn't bother to read the recipe. He quickly mixed up the eggs, dipped the raisin bread, and cooked it in the skillet. The only help he needed from me was how to use a whisk to whip the eggs. Delicious! And I'm a proud Gramma for sure!!