Monday, February 28, 2011

Aspiring (Fiction) Writers Need to Know This!

Aspiring writers have a great desire to know how to write the snorkly, snerkly, snuckly sound of a good healthy snore. Authors know you can't simply type in the words "snore, snore" and win a Pulitzer! A good writer has to convey fullness of meaning. The reader wants to feel as if he is right there in the room! Hearing the Snore!

Numerous writers have struggled with this problem! They google such phrases as "how to write a snore"! I know, because when they google that phrase, the Google people point them to my blog. And Google does that because I once explained exactly how to "write a snore". I am the source of this little known information. And Google recognizes that fact.

If you, an aspiring writer, have been lying awake at night wondering how you were going to convey to your readers the sound of heavy snoring, please click to read my earlier entry in that regard.

You'll be glad you did. And perhaps you'll have a best-seller. And perhaps you will share with me the royalties of such best-seller. We'll both be famous! And rich!

(If this has been a helpful post to you personally, please leave a comment with the title of your latest novel within which you will be using this highly useful information. My readers will be ever grateful.)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upon Which I Put Dangerous Things in the Proper Place

Disorder annoys my spirit. Except for my computer desk...which doesn't count. But in the rest of the house I like order. I like knowing where something can be found first time. I like knowing where something should be put away. It just makes life easy when things are in order.

Some time back I became disenchanted with my knife drawer. My daughter had gifted me with a wood knife holder and I had placed it in the drawer to safely hold my Sudoku knives which have very, very, very sharp blades. (Sudoku knives are not to be confused with Sudoku puzzles. Just thought I'd mention that.) Please read my post script at the bottom of the page.

Here are the contents of my knife drawer, laid out on the countertop. Who needs so many knives?

It took me all of ten minutes to toss some of the clutter, rearrange the rest, and put it all back together again.

Did I say I dislike disorder? I love "order"! (And now the wood knife holder does its intended job well!)

P.S. No household with accident-prone children should ever have a Sudoku knife.

(Major confession added later...a kind reader very gently pointed out that the knife is a SANtoku. The puzzle is SUdoku. I had googled but google pointed me to a website where the writer also ERRED in calling the knife by its wrong name. I am embarrassed. *silly grin on my face*)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mouse the Original and Mouse the New.

Once upon a time we had a mouse. In the house. Mouse was a gray kitten when she arrived. Her previous owners had named her "Mouse" and even though we tried to find a more suitable name, none could be had. Mouse she was and Mouse she remained.

Mouse had one talent. She was very good at retrieving marbles tossed down the hallway. Her tiny paws sounded like horses' hooves as she ran fast as can be. The neighbors downstairs were not supposed to know we had a cat. Perhaps they thought we had a small pony!?

That was nearly 25 years ago and Mouse died long ago. But this morning, when I looked out the patio door, there was a friendly kitty who could have been a double for our Mouse.

"Mouse the New" was well fed and had a collar around her (his?) neck so I knew she was simply checking out the neighborhood. She was quite curious and desired to come indoors but, no, that wouldn't do. She might come indoors and become frightened in a strange place, hide under the sofa, and never come out again. So, no, Mouse the New had to remain outdoors.

Mouse the New needed and received a good scratch behind the ears. She was very appreciative and would have stayed longer. But soon I sent her on her way.

I do hope she comes to visit this summer when I am out digging in the flowers. I would very much like that.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lennie Takes His Medicine and We Have Photo Proof!

This year I've undertaken a project to post a diary belonging to my husband's grandfather, Charles Leonard Davis, when "Lennie", as he was called, was sixteen years old and living in Wakefield, Nebraska.

Here's one small pic attached to today's entry on that blog. As you can see, Lennie is "taking his medicine"!

I hope you will click here and follow along as we read about Lennie all year long. Next week historic events are recorded in Lennie's Diary. So keep tuned.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Regards to My Previous Spitting of Nails And In Which I Give you More Advice in a More Lucid Manner

In regards to yesterday's post, I want to say that there is ample room in the world of cancer treatment for alternative methods in addition to the medical treatment we might be receiving.

With my stage III-C ovarian cancer, the routine (for most) is debulking surgery followed by chemotherapy. Chemo brings its own problems but hopefully the benefits outweigh the problems.

Statistics with ovarian cancer are not good, so you will bear with me when I say that ovarian patients get a teensy bit anxious about their future. I'm one of the fortunate 4 out of 10 that has made it to the two-year mark. And in their anxiousness they desire to have the best chance possible for not only long life but also quality life. And so many of us do a certain amount of research about established medical treatments as well as alternative methods.

But enough of that. This post is about alternative treatments...the world of supplements, special teas, special diets, and the sale of a multitudinous number of books with titles similar to "How I Cured My Cancer and How You Can Too!" (This is a title I made up...but similar to those on the market.) Many of these books are written by people with no medical background and who have a financial stake in selling their book, so excuse me if I get a bit skeptical about their personal recommendations for my life (and or death).

Basically, I try to eat well. I take calcium, Vit D3, and magnesium (which is doctor ordered) in addition to my meds. I do not use other vitamins/supplements/teas/yada. That's my personal preference after doing much reading.

Others use supplements after their own period of study in hopes that their use may be beneficial. And it may. That is each one's personal decision. (I hope they run those past their Oncologist for while some supplements can be of benefit, other supplements may actually work against the effectiveness of chemo/radiation/yada.)

Having said all of the above it concerns me when cancer patients swallow the idea that "doctors are in this for the money".

To refute that, I will say that I doubt there is an Oncologist out there who, if his most beloved came down with cancer, would tell them to NOT use the established medical treatments. I'm betting he would advocate good medical care because he thinks that is the very best option. He might or might not include supplements/dietary changes, etc. But he would NOT advise his beloved wife/child/parent to EXCLUDE medical care IN LIEU of relying solely on an alternative treatment.

I've browsed the internet in regards to Essiac tea, the Budwig protocal, various cancer gurus, and now in regards to a book by Kelley Eidem, "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer". His book is apparently a biography of a Dr. Emanuel Revici who researched diet in regards to cancer during the 1940s-1990s.

Those enticed to try Eidem's method should check Eidem's personal claims carefully. First of all, he claims (according to his words) to have discovered, almost overnight, blotches on his skin that he apparently self-diagnosed to be cancer stage IV. And he claims to have cured his Stage IV cancer in two weeks with use of garlic/hot peppers/oils etc. I'll leave it to you to check out his exact methods. He desires to sell you his book about Dr. Revici wherein this method is supposedly laid out...I haven't read it myself so I'm just guessing this by his website. The book sells for approximately $27 for softcover or $21 download.

Cancer patients should be aware that many of the websites that "recommend" Eidem's book are somehow tied to him and/or his book sales. I have not found an established medical website that recommends this method as a cancer cure.

Those interested in reading Eidem's book can buy it and decide for themselves. However, I would ask them to FIRST read what the following medical websites have to say about the man that Eidem wrote about, Dr. Emanuel Revici.

The Univ. of California, San Diego, Moores Cancer Center writes here:

The MD Anderson Cancer Center mentions Revici here:

The American Cancer Society mentions Revici here:

AFTER you have read these three reviews, THEN if you are still interested, you can google Eidem to find where you can buy his book.

At least the medical establishment (and your Oncologist) will tell you the truth about the statistics. Alternative practitioners who have not followed appropriate research methods cannot give you accurate statistics. They can only say things such as "a 23-year-old woman was cured" or "a 55 year old man with brain tumor was cured". They will not tell you of the large number who died while under their care. Nor how soon they died.

I hope my words do not sound harsh. It is extremely important, that if one wishes to make an educated decision, that they carefully research BOTH what the medical people can do and what the alternative caretakers can provide.

Many alternatives are beneficial. For instance, if acupuncture was available close by, I might consider it for my neuropathy. I wouldn't mind doing some juicing of veggies/fruits to enhance my diet. There are probably supplements I could take for neuropathy but if I take them, I will first run them by my Oncologist.

But while many alternatives might be beneficial, you should also use some skepticism when reading claims by those out "to sell something". "Something" being their book or their personal brand of vitamins, teas, supplements.

This is my opinion only. And I hope you won't think I'm being harsh in my words.

I wish all my fellow ovarian cancer patients (and other cancers, too!) well and pray that each might have a full, long life instead of dealing with this disease.

Now. It's past my bedtime. And this is long enough. Bless you all. And may you seek God in the midst of your affliction, asking him for peace of mind, wisdom, reassurance. Remember that even Job, that righteous man of God, was not spared affliction.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Spitting Nails Today!

I'll be the first to admit that current medical experts do not know EveryThing! Not about cancer! Not about a lot of ailments. But they do know Something! And they know an awful lot more than I know.

So I go to the doctor. And I have an Oncologist. And I get my scans/bloodtests/exams.

And so far, my Onc is keeping me stable.

I visit an online forum for cancer patients. Members ask questions, provide answers, share information, and encourage one another. I've learned a lot from that website.

However, today my blood boiled. Someone shared a link to a fellow that I adamantly believe is a Quack (with a capital "Q"). This guy (Kelley Eidem) self-diagnosed stage IV cancer from splotches on his skin, without ever seeing a doctor, and claims to have "cured" his (supposedly) stage-IV cancer with two weeks (or less) of eating garlic and jabanero peppers and oil or something like that. Of course, since he is altruistic and wants YOU to be cured of your cancer, he wants you to BUY his BOOK!

Well, do tell! He sells a book! I wonder how many people he has convinced to forego medical treatment in lieu of garlic/peppers/oil. Get in line, Mr. Quack, with all those other Quacks who sell false hope and call it a cure.

I'm mad enough to be spitting nails.

P.S. The photo is NOT an advertisement by this particular Mr. Quack. But it may as well my humble but not stupid opinion.