Tuesday, October 4, 2011

His Demise was at the Wheel of a Tin Lizzie

This month celebrates the 103rd birthday of the Model T Ford, later to be nick-named the "Tin Lizzie".

Folks still drive them. For fun.

Unfortunately, last Sunday one fella drove his Model T into the ditch.

In South Dakota.

And died.

Sometimes in dealing with my cancer I joke around that I haven't been hit yet by that proverbial Mack truck...meaning I'll probably die of cancer. But who would ever think their demise in the Year 2011 would occur in an accident in a Tin Lizzie.

Life is strange.



Kelly said...

That is truly an unexpected event!

jim said...

Death O Death where is thy sting!

Glenda said...

Life IS strange . . . and unpredictable, but I'm glad there is One constant!!

Whidbey Woman said...

Hey, Whitestone. Whidbey Woman here. The person's name I drew did not respond to my email. So, I drew again for my blog give-away... and you won! So email me your address and I'll get the book Saving Savvy in the mail to you. :)

Beth L. Gainer said...

Nice post. I used to joke with my oncologist that now that I'm done with chemo, a bus would probably hit me and kill me.

Given the circumstances, that would be a stupid way for me to die, I think.

Servivorgirl said...

Wow, just really sad and strange, hmmm. sigh

I remember when I was first dx with cancer one of my coping mechanisms was to say things like "we never know how we'll die, we could die in a crash, yada" I remember people not knowing how to respond because I had like this Jekkyl and Hyde persona...one minute just frantically worried about dying and the next, removing cancer from the picture all together.

But it IS true, we don't know the end of the story. This story keeps us reminded to live now, while we can. And that is not always easy.

Thank you....

S. Etole said...

Somehow I missed this one and I live next door {almost} to South Dakota.

Jennifer Dougan said...

What an ironic twist. Hello White Stone! How is your cancer battle going this week? I have a dear friend whose daughter is wrestling leukemia. She is three. We pray for them, bring food, watch the other kids and mostly feel helpless from the sides.

Have a great week!

Jennifer Dougan

Debby said...

Hi, Whitestone. I've been thinking of you today, wondering how things are for the two of you.

Relyn said...

Life is strange. But very interesting. And so sweet.