Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Do Ya Suppose It Would It Be a Sin............

We have lotsa trees on our street. Green ash, American linden, maples of every sort. We love our shady street.

However, there is one fly in the ointment. I mean, there is one pin oak amongst the trees. It stands tall, wide, and proud. It's a lovely tree. (The tree is much larger than it appears in the photo! Much! Larger!)

But in spite of its loveliness everyone on our street (except the owner) hates that tree with a ferocity that defies description.

This oak does not drop its leaves at the appropriate time as does every other tree. No, indeedy! It takes all winter for them to drop. They begin dropping at the top and gradually move downward. In the middle of the fiercest February blizzard the bottom third of the tree will still be in full leaf. The final release will be in the spring when the tree begins nudging out new leaf tips.

So you see....all winter long there is a steady influx of leaves from across the street. Leaves made of steel that never decompose! Never! Ever!

So I'm thinking....remember the Biblical story where Jesus cursed the fig tree and the tree died?

Do ya suppose it would be a sin to curse that tree? Do ya suppose? Because I'm praying that tree will die.

P.S. The neighbor has numerous other trees that provide summer shade. It would not be a terrible loss to lose ONE tree!



Diane said...

Like with some people, you have to really work to remember that God created the pin oak, too. LOL - this must be the tree across the path and down a few units. It is showing no signs of dropping leaves, even though the leaves have gone brown and we've had some good winds. According to the neighbor in whose front yard it rises, it also drops all sorts of berries and other things all summer.

She would happily see it torn out, but by the association rules, if we want a tree or bush removed, we pay for it ourselves.

Kelly said...

Awww...I love pin oaks!

I can understand, though.

Persis said...


The worst are willow oaks with tiny leaves that are too small to rake.

Debbie said...

Oh this was the topic of conversation on the morning walk. The oaks that drop their leaves all winter long are the most hated ones in the neighborhood.

Curse away my friend.

Maryann said...

We have removed several trees from our property, not a tree hater or anything the problem was roots were tearing up our foundation and drive. We thought a nice fringe benefit would be no leaves to rake, wouldn't ya know the one across the street seems to drop its leaves all winter long and deposit a good many of them on our lawn...I understand :)

Tina said...

Had to laugh! We have several oak trees in our yard and neighborhood. Some drop their leaves in the fall and some in the spring. We thought they were so beautiful when we first moved in, but we had NO IDEA how much work they are! Since our whole neighborhood has them, no one can get irritated at the leaves blowing around; they are just a fact of life here. I'm trying to remember how beautiful I once thought they were, and not be too frustrated with them!

Debby said...

Too funny. You always seem so profound, with your mind set on higher things. It makes me feel better to see that you are frustrated by small worldly frustrations too.

WhiteStone said...

Oh, Debby, you have no clue how badly I obsess over little things. Things a lot more insignificant than these tree leaves. lol