Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How I Saved Many Neighbors (and their kids) From Catastrophe!

See this jar?  Do you see what is IN this jar?  Sharp, pointy objects that can pierce a tire in no time flat. Pun intended.  And where did I find them?

Earlier this year I set a goal to walk 291 miles.  Why 291 miles? That's the distance from our house to our daughter's home in Minnesoda.  It just seemed like a good goal. 

See! I can sound like a Swede from Minnesoda! That's because even though I have never resided in that green state I do have Swedish blood in me. Along with German, Irish, English, and according to my grandmother's tale, some small amount of Native American.

But back to my story.  So far I've walked 93 miles taking short walks around the neighborhood and tallying the miles. This week my feet are killing me so I am making no progress this week.  See previous post about the Red Devil!

Which brings us to the Jar!  See all those nails and bolts and screws!  I mentioned in this post that half the homes in town got new roofs last year thanks to a couple super-duper hailstorms and insurance checks.  New roofs mean tearing off the old shingles. And that means nails all over the place!  Most of them get picked up but in hauling away the debris nails occasionally get dropped. In the street. Where people drive.  Nobody likes getting a flat tire. Nobody!  Even though the town street sweeper truck has been up and down the streets several times this year, there are still nails to be found.

I figure I've saved a goodly number of persons a goodly number of flat tires!  I deserve a medal, doncha think? I just hope I haven't cost the tire shop a profitable year!

The little cigar?  Found that, too, still in its wrapper.  Couldn't leave it there for some kid to find, now could I? 


Linda said...

Today when I was walking there was a large--what may have been a vodka bottle alongside the road. I thought, I hope the driver who threw it out didn't drink it while driving.

You should receive a reward for saving so many tires!

Oh--maybe you need to walk 581 miles so you are able to make it back home after you reach your daughters/

Debra said...

Your jar is overflowing!

Love ya, gal


S. Etole said...

I had my roof replaced last year but the roofers were extremely careful for which I am grateful.

Maryann said...

If I was your neighbor I would be grateful, nothing more inconvient that a flat tire when you've got somewhere to go

Karen Ingalls said...

Good samaritan is what you are. I like your idea about walking the distance to your daughter's home. It gives you a goal. I walk everyday, but I do not know how many miles or steps I accumulate.