Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taking a Look at My Innards

A mobile scan truck much like ours.
I decided to take a look at my "innards".  I had a PET/CT scan last week in the mobile unit that visits our small-town hospital.

I'm talking about my PET/CT scan taken a week ago.  If you have medical issues, I hope you realize that you have a legal right to copies of every test and report in your med files.  Our small town hospital is very obliging with my requests for copies.  I just popped that disk into the computer and "voila!", multiple images popped up on my screen.  Images of me, slice by slice, inside out.  Not that I understand them...I never went to medical school. But my Oncologist who is treating my ovarian cancer will glean valuable information.

Nope, this is not me!
So yesterday I picked up a copy to take with me to see my Oncologist.  He normally visits me at our local clinic and has access electronically.  Monday, weather permitting, I will see him in the City and he asked me to bring along a copy.

Problem is...once I inserted the disk into my computer...I realized it was in black and white. And the PET portion of the scan should be in color!  So I'll be going back this afternoon to get a color copy for my Onc.

I'm including a pic to show you what the images look like. Yah! You guessed it! That is NOT my body!  hahahahahha!  I confess that I grabbed it from the net.  (I knew you would know that this is not the real me, but thought I'd tell you so that you would know that I, myself, know this, too! Wouldn't want you to think I am a dunce.)

Nope, this isn't me, either!
I'm apprehensive about Monday's Onc appointment, but I know that every one of my days is in God's hands. He doesn't need to see my PET/CT images to know what is happening. In fact, it is His working in my life that takes care of every moment of every day.  Sure, I see medical people and follow their treatment plans.  But when all is said and done, it's left in God's hands.  And I am safe there, no matter what.

On another note...we got 4 to 6 inches of snow a couple days ago.  I got out the snowblower to do the side driveway and my neighbor came over and took it right out of my hands, finishing the job for me. Thanks, Neighbor!  You are a true blessing! And I pray God blesses you right back, over and over again.



Debby said...

How glad I am that you popped the disk in to have a look. If you hadn't you'd have never known that there was a problem. I'll be praying for you Monday.

Caroline said...

I didn't go to medical school either so I never understand the scans without interpretation.

S. Etole said...

Trusting all will go well for you.

Glenda said...

I appreciate your faith and courage. May you feel Him very near!