Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank you, Mrs. Anderson!

I bake pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe now and then through the year. I hate making those foil trims to place on the crust through part of the baking time to prevent burning. So when I discovered Mrs. Anderson's pie crust shields I knew these were the perfect solution. It was months before I had an opportunity to try it out -- remember, I only bake now and then. I loved it! No battling with shaping several pieces of foil into a piece long enough to circle the edge of the pie and trying to make it stay atop the pie. This was easy to put on and to remove and my pie turned out perfect. The only drawback is that if I decide to make a smaller pie sometime I may need to buy a second ring in the smaller size. But still it is much easier to use than foil and I can use it over and over again.

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