Monday, April 20, 2009

Melissa Ohden Survived "Choice" and Lives to Tell Her Story

This is not a political rant. But it has everything to do with the laws of our land.
(And I will add this those who have chosen abortion for whatever reason, please know that God's forgiveness is for all who come to Him. If you are experiencing depression or guilt over this issue, please speak to a counselor.)

Last evening I had the privilege to hear abortion survivor Melissa Ohden tell her story of how she survived an abortion. No, Melissa did not Have an abortion. She Survived her own abortion. Saline abortion. In 1977. In Sioux City, Iowa. At a hospital. Weighing a bit over 2 pounds. Thankfully, the hospital provided care for this tiny infant.

Today Melissa is a delightful, normal, healthy individual. She has a Master's degree and works in the social field. She and her husband are the parents of a one-year-old baby girl. And Melissa is choosing to tell her story...the other side of the story...the baby's story...that baby who, in spite of advocates of "choice", had no voice and no choice.

You can read her interesting biography here.

Many are not aware that now and then an aborted infant lives through the process. Sometimes it is a twin in the womb who misses being detected when one baby is aborted. Other times the aborted baby is simply still alive at the end of the process. Not all of these "live" babies survive...clinics do not always rush to assist the newborn they expected to be DOA. But in Melissa's case doctors and staff immediately took over her care. She was adopted by a loving family in spite of warnings that she might suffer serious health problems due to her early birth and due to the experience of the saline abortion itself. None of those dire predictions came true. And she has become a spokeswoman for the unborn.

I've had the privilege of hearing another abortion survivor tell her story. You can read about Gianna Jessen here. She, too, is now a lovely young woman who experienced the "choice" option and survived. She, too, now speaks for the unborn.

It may be that the law of the land allows for abortion, making it legal, giving women a choice to terminate a pregnancy of an unwanted child. I said it is legal. But it is not moral. It simply cannot be "right" to kill a human being simply because they are unwanted.

Since 1973 approximately 50 Million babies have died in our country due to abortion. In comparison, if you count every war since the American Revolution, our country has lost approximately 660 Thousand men/women in battle (Source:US Dept of Veterans Affairs). Compare those two numbers. We've lost 75 times as many babies as soldiers.

Why is it that when we consider the lives lost in battle we are horrified, but that same horror does not strike us when the deaths occur in an abortion clinic? Why is that?

God have mercy on us as a nation for the stink of our sin surely rises to heaven.


McVal said...

Wow! What a privilege for you to hear her. I'm originally from Sioux City and used to join in on the marches and prayer vigils around one of the hospitals that allowed abortions. 1977 would've been around the same years I went with my mom on those marches. It's great to know that God answered our prayers for at least one child.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen,Amen. We have participated in right to life marches, but I've never had the privilege of meeting or hearing speak a survivor of an abortion. What a strong testimony that must be!