Friday, August 20, 2010

Long Braids and Kind Deeds

I can't help it. I'm noticing it everywhere! On every head! Every head except mine, that is. I figure it will be about three weeks before any hair returns to the top of my head. That is, unless the hair follicles have been so badly damaged during this second series of chemo (six months!) that hair will never grow again. My mind jumps between the two possibilities. Thick curly hair! Sparse stubbly hair! Which will it be?

So this morning I was reaching to grab a couple donuts for Hubby and self at the local quick shop when I noticed the long hair of the young man standing next to me. It was shiny brown and plaited into a long braid that hung well below his shoulder blades. I caught his eye as he turned and smilingly joked, "I don't suppose you want to give me some of that hair, do you?"

He saw the scarf covering my bare head and laughed a friendly laugh and then responded, "Well, I've already given to Locks of Love once!" I gave him a warm smile for that, for that is surely a kind thing to donate your hair to an organization that provides hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children who have lost their own hair due to some illness. Then we both became engrossed with paying for our items and we were out the door before we could visit further.

I'm thinking he may mull over this brief meeting and perhaps, just perhaps, he'll donate to Locks of Love once again. I think that would be a nice thing for him to do.

Maybe I'll see him again. He and his wife left in a vehicle with a local license plate. If I see him again and his braided hair is clipped to collar-length I think I just might give him a hug.



Bill said...

Wish I had enough hair to contribute... maybe my beard... but then what kid wants white hair?

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a sweet encounter....Have a good weekend

Cheryl said...

Whitestone, I am delighted to hear how easily you were able to begin dialogue regarding something so close to your own heart. Locks of Love is a new concept to me [thanks for the link] and I cannot help but wonder about the motivation of others to donate for such a worthy cause.
A lovely thought! Hugs always Cheryl xo

melissa said...

I love this post. Makes my eyes prickle. :)

But speaking of your hair. You had such a good experience with it growing out before, I'm thinking you'll have a repeat performance!

Glenda said...

You have such a positive way of dealing with negative circumstances in your life . . . and you inspire the rest of us to do the same!

My granddaughter gave her hair to Locks of Love, a very special cause.

I've missed your posts in the last few days!

Debby said...

By this time next month, I expect to see pictures of your 'fuzz'.

Kelly said...

My daughter donated 10 inches of gorgeous red hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths last December. Similar to Locks of Love, you can read about the program here:

Relyn said...

Hug him for me, too, won't you? You know, we have about eight kids at our school who are on a cycle: long, longer, really long, way short. They are all growing their hair for Locks of Love. Makes me cry every time.