Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toss the Talc

Talcum Powder. Toss it. That's my thought after reading this article . The article mentions several studies that suggest talcum powder (or talc) increases the risk of some kinds of gynecological cancers, including ovarian, endometrial, and uterine cancer.

Seems to me I've read about this before. But this time I'm tossing the one container of talc that is in our house. Guess where I got it? Brought it home from the hospital...it was in the "bathroom kit" given to me a year ago when I had debulking surgery for ovarian cancer.

Many women use talc on their genital area after showering or bathing. And young moms use it in the form of baby powder on their babies.

Please! Please read the above-mentioned article if you are using talc in any form.

According to the article, "Talc is made from a magnesium silicate mineral that is similar in its properties to asbestos. Both asbestos and talc form tiny shards and can break off and imbed into parts of the body. If it is inhaled, these tiny particles can imbed into the lungs and cause respiratory difficulties. In animal tests it was shown to cause tumors after the animals had been forced to inhale it."

How in the world can you avoid inhaling particles that are so tiny they float in the air? Get rid of the stuff. Toss it in the garbage.

In my estimation this stuff should not be used on babies and it should not be used by adults.

Just my humble opinion...based on the above mentioned article and the studies mentioned therein.

Toss the Talc!


melissa said...

I remember reading things about not using it because of babies inhaling the powder. We used it sparingly with our babies, but I do love the scent...have to admit to that. But I wasn't aware of what you've mentioned.

Your post is a good one...gotta pay attention. Thanks, sweet friend.

l'optimiste said...

I've read articles about this too - wouldn't touch talc with a barge pole now!

Debby said...

Corn starch is a safe alternative for both adults and children. Furthermore, you can scent that, as well. If you like powders, here's some alternatives and methods of scenting.


WhiteStone said...

Debby, while corn starch is a benign substance (not cancerogenic in and of itself) I guess I would hesitate to use any powder on a baby for the mere fact that tiny particles float in the air and can be breathed. Perhaps I am overly careful about that but it seems to me it is good to err on the cautious.

Whidbey Woman said...

Interesting! I really do believe there are a lot of things in our environment that are contributing to cancer and other diseases.

Chez said...

WhiteStone, I do know of an elderly aunt of a friend
that used the good old talc on her breast when she had a discharge. She had no idea that she had breast cancer. The talc actually ate the breast [according to her doctor] True story!
I for one believe there is a problem and it is better left on the supermarket shelves.