Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drool. Go Ahead and Drool!

Men's inventions. They're wonderful. This particular item may be pretty simplistic in its design but it is one cool kitchen tool. The apple peeler. (click) If you're a gramma and don't have one of these in the house you need'll impress your smaller grandkids! And inspire them to help next time you make apple crisp or pie.This handy gizmo both peels AND slices! How cool is that! You can prepare a dozen apples in no time flat. There is an older version that clamps to the edge of a table but I like this one with its suction cup bottom...just turn the lever and it sits anywhere on your countertop.
Here's a close-up of the peeling/slicing.

I like Jonathans for apple crisp or pie. This particular bunch have a sharp, tangy, apple taste. There's nothing worse than digging in for that first bite and finding a bland apple with practically no taste to it except sugar.
Apple crisp...a fall treat. Sometimes I search for a recipe online. This time I used the recipe in my vintage Betty Crocker cookbook which is practically falling to pieces...I've referred to it many times over that past 47 years! (Click on photo for a closer view) You'll notice the recipe is for an 8-inch square pan. I doubled it for the 9x13 pan.

Go ahead. Drool! It's permitted.

I want to leave you with a quote:
“There are but two lessons for Christians to learn: one is, to enjoy God in everything; the other is, to enjoy everything in God.” - Charles Simeon

I think that means you can enjoy apple crisp most thoroughly...acknowledging God as the giver of all good things...including a sweet apple treat.

P.S. I have no association with the website for the apple's simply the first one that popped up when I googled.



Caroline said...

Looks yummy. I might need one of those gizmos myself.

melissa said...

You sound so perky! Life is good, eh? :)

Elle Bee said...

I made an apple pie two nights ago and that little gadget would have made my life a whole lot easier!!
PS I AM drooling!

Whidbey Woman said...

I love Autumn and all the yummy treats and comfort foods to go with it!

Kelly said...

Mmmm.... I'm drooling!!

That's a handy dandy tool. I eat more apples raw than cook with them and my favorites are Gala and Braeburn. Seems like I've used Granny Smiths some for cooking (and I even like them for snacking). I'll have to try the Jonathan's sometime.

Gregg said...

OK, I am drooling. That gadget is too cool. And the pic of the crisp looked good enough to eat.

Mrs. Spit said...

MMM. Brown Betty.

Also, my tomato mill is the greatest thing in the entire world.

Chez said...

WhiteStone, definitely need one of those apple 'thingoes.' I have a much loved, well worn Betty Crocker cookbook, given to me by a very special friend in our Singapore days. I have made some fabulous recipes from it. Makes me sad to face the reality that my cooking days are 'sort of' a thing of the past.
I am going shopping to the kitchen gadget shop. Thanks for this post...

Glenda said...

Oh my, oh my! I'm drooling - and thinking I need one of those dandy peelers. I wondered if they really worked, but you've convinced me! Apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts!

Thanks for sharing the quote. It reminds me that we're to live an abundant life as Christians!