Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sioux Falls Woman in the News

Remember my recent post about the possible dangers of talcum powder in terms of cancer?

Today's news features a Sioux Falls, SD woman who is filing suit against Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of powder that contains talc.

To quote the news article (printed here), "The lawsuit says independent studies have shown an increased risk of ovarian cancer with the frequent use of talcum products in the genital area, and that the defendants failed to warn consumers about the risk."

Another, and perhaps more frequent, use of the baby powder that contains talc (read the label!) is in powdering baby's bottom after a diaper change. Please, please remember that the powder is so fine that particles could float in the air long enough for your baby to breathe some of that powder in baby lungs! Not a good idea in my estimation.



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Who knew?


Chez said...

Interesting! Your Post was one step ahead of this information.
Let's hope talc is removed from supermarket shelves once and for all. Fortunately, I have never been big on it however, I must admit to loving the smell of a newly bathed baby covered in talc. If only we knew...