Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lennie Joins the Band and the Band Becomes "Art"

Debby of "Life's Funny Like That" commented yesterday about the strangeness of "time" and how we are each, every one of us, wrapped up in time, living out our lives, connected one with another.

Time takes us forward, one step, two steps, three. There is no going backward. We can "look" back, but we can't "go" back.

Debby was kind enough to mention my new blog, "Lennie's Diary" wherein we read the sparse words of a 16-year-old (soon to be 17) boy from Wakefield, Nebraska, in the year 1898.

If you, Dear Reader, have not yet visited Lennie, please click here to read the latest in his 1898 diary and how the Wakefield Cornet Band became "art" nearly a century later.


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