Friday, December 31, 2010

A Two-Year Pie Out On the Deck

I betcha thought this cold and snowy weather was good for nothng, didn't you? You Were Wrong!

As you can see, the snowy deck (actually, it's a combo of sleet and snow) makes a good cooling pad for the apple pie I baked this morning. It's 13 degrees and I figure that'll cool this pie down right fast.

Oh, I could place the pie on the countertop to cool, but that would slow down consumption considerably. This late in the year it's pointless to begin practicing patience.

(Don't worry, Mom! I baked a small one for you as well.)

On the the New Year.

Last week, as I printed out my 2011 calendar, I hand-printed at the top of each monthly page the following statement. I read it on someone's blog (yours?) but I can't remember where and I liked it. Here it is, as printed in red on my calendar.

"We will prayerfully await the unfolding of God's ordained will."

The statement is a reminder that regardless of what 2011 brings, whether ease or discomfort, we are always and still and forever in the providential hands of our Lord. God is our provider, both for things physical and spiritual. He causes us to lean faithfully upon Him. And in that leaning, He gives us peace.

May your New Year be filled with the Peace that only He can provide.

Now...heading for apple pie! Even though it's early in the day I think we can extend this pie out into the next year. A two year pie! How about them apples!

P.S. Don't forget to check in on Lennie tomorrow.



Kelly said...

I really like that quote!

I baked a pear pie on Wednesday and I'm not sure it will make it into the next year.

All the best to you and yours for 2011!

Persis said...

God bless you and may His grace abound to you in the coming year!

Enjoy your pie. It looks yummy!

Glenda said...

I like the quote, too! Thank you for your encouraging words and example of faith and perseverance! Happy New Year!

S. Etole said...

That looks so good! and what a powerful quote.

blessings on your new year

melissa said...

Happy New Year to one of the strongest women I know online. :)

Enjoy your pie!

Laurie M. said...

I hope you have a blessed 2011!

Tina said...

Powerful quote! The pie looks yummy--I can almost taste it! Enjoy!

Nancy said...

I bet the pie tasted amazingly good! Did you get the small one made for your mother? Thanks for sharing the great quote. I hope 2011 brings you peace, happiness and good health.

Debra said...

Oh yum~it looks very good. And I can see the comment about a pear pie....ah me....I think I better make some sort of pie tomorrow. Right now I want to see what Lennie's diary is all about.
Happiest of New years to you!
Love, Debra