Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Spitting Nails Today!

I'll be the first to admit that current medical experts do not know EveryThing! Not about cancer! Not about a lot of ailments. But they do know Something! And they know an awful lot more than I know.

So I go to the doctor. And I have an Oncologist. And I get my scans/bloodtests/exams.

And so far, my Onc is keeping me stable.

I visit an online forum for cancer patients. Members ask questions, provide answers, share information, and encourage one another. I've learned a lot from that website.

However, today my blood boiled. Someone shared a link to a fellow that I adamantly believe is a Quack (with a capital "Q"). This guy (Kelley Eidem) self-diagnosed stage IV cancer from splotches on his skin, without ever seeing a doctor, and claims to have "cured" his (supposedly) stage-IV cancer with two weeks (or less) of eating garlic and jabanero peppers and oil or something like that. Of course, since he is altruistic and wants YOU to be cured of your cancer, he wants you to BUY his BOOK!

Well, do tell! He sells a book! I wonder how many people he has convinced to forego medical treatment in lieu of garlic/peppers/oil. Get in line, Mr. Quack, with all those other Quacks who sell false hope and call it a cure.

I'm mad enough to be spitting nails.

P.S. The photo is NOT an advertisement by this particular Mr. Quack. But it may as well be...in my humble but not stupid opinion.



Tina said...

I can't believe someone actually shared that link. I feel sorry for the person dumb enough to buy that book!
I hope all is well with you these days--May God bless you with HIS wisdom today :)

Sandy said...

Unfortunately desperate people are what drive crazies like this. Cancer is so scary that some are willing to try anything to be cured. Taking advantage of people when they are down is just disgusting...spitting nails right along side of you!

Caroline said...

I call them snake oil salesmen. What the IO*(&)(*&&^ do they think they are doing?

Kelly said...

...and it's sad how many people WILL grasp at straws like this, to no avail.

Denise said...

Leeches, they exist. You'd think that in today's world, with technology and the "internet" that nobody would be taken advantage of, but it happens.

Thanks for posting this to remind us to be careful on how we act when advised by others.

People may die because of him.

It's criminal and unethica.

Debby said...

Good gravy. He diagnosed his own stage IV cancer? I wonder where he got his medical degree? I find it hard to believe that even desperate people would be taken in by this.

Nancy said...

Thanks for exposing this as you "spit nails." It's sad what some people do to sell and even sadder when others fall for it.