Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lennie Takes His Medicine and We Have Photo Proof!

This year I've undertaken a project to post a diary belonging to my husband's grandfather, Charles Leonard Davis, when "Lennie", as he was called, was sixteen years old and living in Wakefield, Nebraska.

Here's one small pic attached to today's entry on that blog. As you can see, Lennie is "taking his medicine"!

I hope you will click here and follow along as we read about Lennie all year long. Next week historic events are recorded in Lennie's Diary. So keep tuned.


Tina said...

What a wonderful blog that is! I shared the link with my husband and youngest daughter. They are both history buffs and will love it!

Karen said...

I am enjoying reading about Lennie's perspective -- and yours, too! Thanks so much for posting and sharing the pictures!