Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ain't Nobody Happy About the Water Over the Dikes

It took them awhile but national news is finally mentioning the flooding Missouri River. They're a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to news in the seemed much more important to post the latest tidbit about some Congressman who got himself into big trouble with his cell phone. (Sometimes don't you wonder at the brilliant decisions made by those who are in charge of our nation?)

We're still dry although Interstate-29 has a low spot south of town that may (or may not) cause that stretch of the highway to be closed. The small drainage ditch that runs through that area is over its banks. Will the water get higher? Only time will tell.

The photo to the side is by Larry Geiger. If you're curious about the extent of the flooding you can view more of Geiger's photos here. Incredible images. This photo shows I-29 north of the Council Bluffs/Omaha area, looking north. (That area is about 55 miles south of us but this is our primary route to Omaha.)

This is a huge event in terms of area and of time. The damage already incurred is immense. But on top of what is already done, we will be sitting in suspense for two months while the dams above us continue their unprecedented high-volume release of water.

There are two serious concerns involved with all this. Firstly, the suspense consists of "will the levees hold" in areas where they protect cities, airports, highways, residences, etc.? And secondly, will two solid months of over-the-bank flood stage cause our local drainage ditches to back up after heavy rains? This last is a serious concern...for it will mean secondary flooding above and beyond what is already forecast.

At this point, ain't nobody happy with the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Their judgment call to not release water until "too late" does not set well with folks all up and down the River. I repeat, ain't nobody happy about this mess we're in.

In other news (as they used to say on the nightly news) I'm doing well (so far) on a new chemo regimen. Of course, I've only been on it for one week. If my blood counts fall, it will happen by the end of next week. Today I had plenty of energy so I know my reds are still doing well. Carried some bricks from out front to the garden out back where they now make a walkway between two raised beds of vegetables. I was able to do that without undue huffing and puffing. And I was able to hoe a large area...a task that was much needed. Again without undue huffing and puffing. That's a good sign my red blood count is doing well.



Paula said...

So, is your place on high ground. Praying for and hubby.

Persis said...

Praying you stay safe and dry.

Diane said...

Praying for the rising waters to stay at a safe distance, as well as for your treatments.

Kelly said...

Don't even get my husband started on the Corps of Engineers!

Saying some extra prayers for your area!