Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Ms. Kitty Couldn't Care Less....

Our obsession fascination with the rising waters of the Missouri River has caused us to make a periodic "two dollar tour" over the toll bridge at Decatur, Nebraska. It's not enough that we can access river information online. We want to do a visual inspection as well! And so we do. And so are many others. I'm thinking the toll bridge is making a bundle this summer...just from "two dollar tourists".

Our little town sits seven miles from the river and one would think that was substantial distance in terms of flood risk. But our elevation is only a few feet higher than the current river stage. So we're concerned.

Today as we headed back to Iowa little Ms. Kitty crossed the road in front of us. She did not look either way and was unafraid of our slowly approaching car. Ms. Kitty is pregnant. But by her placid pace it is easy to see that Ms. Kitty is not a worrier. (click on the photo for a better view of Ms. Kitty)

Back on the Iowa side the rising water is well over the riverbank and is flooding adjacent lowlands. The water has crept to the edge of the highway and the Iowa Department of Transportation is trying to keep this road open.

There are many who cross the bridge daily to go to work or to get health care in our small town hospital. This road is vital. If it were to be inundated folks would have to travel about 35 miles upstream or downstream to the next bridge. We're praying this barrier will keep this road open.

Since I'm trusting God through all of this I think I need to be a little less anxious about it Ms. Kitty. She may be a lot smarter than I think.

Last night the IDOT closed this road. Read here. They report..."Severe river bank erosion caused by flooding along the east abutment of the Decatur bridge has prompted the closure.

The Iowa DOT, Burt County [Nebraska] Bridge Commission (operator of the toll bridge) and Nebraska Department of Roads will be conducting an assessment of the situation to determine what, if any, measures can be taken to prevent further erosion and make the bridge safe for travel.

The public will be informed as additional information becomes available. The duration of the closure is unknown at this time."
A seven mile trip has now become somewhere close to 85 miles.

The IDOT also plans to "temporarily" close access to another bridge tomorrow (Wednesday June 29). This time it will be the bridge at Blair, Nebraska. That means there will be a 100-mile stretch of the river with no crossing (Sioux City to Omaha). I don't know how long is "temporarily".


Laurie M. said...

Ms. Kitty has it all figured out!

Maryann said...

If we could all be a little more like miss kitty. Reminds me of the instruction in Matthew 6:25-26. So hard to do, I am still learning this, think it's going to be a life long process

Scott said...

Very sad to hear about the bridge closing. A recently discovered and definte favorite of my girls and I is crossing the Decatur bridge. But even more so the hardship is mounting for all involved.


melissa said...

I totally get where you're coming from with the flooding since we just lived through seeing the Mississippi spill over her banks.

We're in Memphis and thankfully were spared with our house out of the flood plain, but I know firsthand how scary it is.

And thanks for your comment to me on my blog. :) For some reason Blogger isn't publishing your posts in my feed lately, and I've got some catching up to do! And here I thought you were being quiet!