Thursday, October 18, 2012

Whereupon I Avoided Dozens of Flat Tires and Got Felled By Roadkill

Remember in July when I reported saving my neighbors countless flat tires?  On my daily walks I pick up nails off the street...lots of nails.  I save them in a jar and I showed them to you in July.  One of these days I'm going to take that jar down to the city office and tell them the street sweeper needs to sweep more often!

In the meantime...I keep walking...and I keep finding nails.

But this week, driving on brand new tires one of the tires began losing air.  We took it to the dealer who presented us this little bit of animal bone as souvenir. Even though we had not directly hit a "roadkill" our car has straddled many this fall. Lots of raccoon and skunks didn't make it safely across the highway.  And one of those little beasties, with his sensibilities (and bits of bone) scattered across the road, managed to snag one of our new tires!

Along with the souvenir the dealer presented us with a repair bill.  At least the poor little beastie didn't kill the tire completely and we were fortunate to pay only for repair and not a brand-new tire. Yet. We pray it holds.

Who would think!


Debby said...

Porcupines are a big problem here. One would not think that their quills could damage a tire, but they can.

The roadkill exacts revenge~~

Debra said...

Mmmmhmmm..I have a tire that had a nail in it. It made a very slow leak. I am amazed by all the nails you find!!!

Servivorgirl said...

How glad there was no accident. I have never heard of an animal bone causing a flat tire, but the picture helps to see how easily that could happen. Irony, isn't it fun?

Jennifer Dougan said...

Oh, the irony. Sorry, White Stone, That stinks! :)

Have a great day.

Jennifer Dougan

myletterstoemily said...

dang, i would have thought you had
spared yourself any tire trials because
of your kindness in removing so many

guess you need to start clearing road
kill! :)

Nicole said...

It’s dangerous to have a nail stuck in your tires, or any debris for that matter. I usually carry a tire plug kit with me. On a couple of occasions when I got a flat or a leak because of a nail, I was able to pull the nail out, put in a plug, and re-inflate the tire in less time than it would take to put the spare tire on. Leaving a nail in there might render an otherwise-repairable tire unfixable.

Nicole Vickers