Friday, April 26, 2013

Progress on the Y2K Quilt reproduction

Difference in value

Last night I placed the border on the Y2KQ repro.  (Thanks to Anita Grossman Solomon for kindly providing the fabric!!! and to my longtime quilting buddy, Judy in Ohio, who met up with Anita at the Cincinnati quilt show and sent the fabric onward to Iowa!  You ladies are gems!)

If you remember, the repro is done with 1.25 inch squares, using a 1/8 inch seam on my vintage Singer 15-91.  The final quilt will be 40"x60" plus the border width. This is considerably (I do not exaggerate) smaller than the original which is a huge queen size.

As you can see there is considerable difference in value between the replacement border fabric and the original, so I felt the black inner border might blend too well with the new "2000" fabric.
Border on the repro...will bind in black

Instead I used a rather neutral fabric from my "recycled shirt" stash.  I admit, I put a few shirt squares in the quilt, too, wherever I could fit them in.  I just cannot get away from my shirt addiction. lol

I plan to baste today, hopefully. I had chemo yesterday and still have some extra energy from the steroid they infuse with the chemo.  If so, I will begin handquilting.

The original Y2KQ border
I debated hand quilting vs machine quilting (mine or professional) and decided on HQ.  Many days I do not have the gumption to sit at my machine. Secondly, I worried that MQ might not set off the quilt as well as "quiet hand quilting" might do.  Thirdly, on my more tired days I can still sit in the recliner and hand quilt. Fourthly, the original is hand quilted.

I think a black binding will be the best.

So what have YOU been doing for creative recreation?


Diane said...

I take it the pens and notes on the photo of the original are to help keep track of block borders and what goes where? You were crazy to do the first one, and even nuttier to do the second - on a smaller scale, no less.

I need to baste a couple of smallish quilts this weekend. Both are round 52 x 56, one for a baby, one for a 5 year old. And as long as I'm on a roll, I may layer the Jinny Beyer flying geese fabric sampler wall hanging. But first I need to figure out how to embroider-applique a block for the class I missed last month, as we meet again next week. Argh! Too much pressure...isn't this supposed to be fun?

Linda Primmer said...

Beautiful quilts. I don't have that talent. Found your blog through another about cancer. I am your newest follower.
I'm battling ovarian cancer for the second time. Blessings, l