Monday, April 15, 2013

Tell Me if I'm Making Much To-Do About Nothing

So why isn't this  in the news?
Why isn't it on the front page of the major news agencies?
Too lurid for the timid American heart?
Too ghastly for those of tender spirit?
Too "real" for those who don't want to see reality?

No, the reason this isn't on front-page America is because people go along with what was happening here.  They think "the ends justify the means"...whatever "ends" and "means" happen to mean to them.

If this were happening in some veterinary's surgical room, there would be screaming to high heaven (if anyone believes in heaven anymore).  If some veterinary had made him/herself a millionaire by doing this to so many cats/dogs/horses/cows the vet would be in prison faster than you can blink an eye. And there would have been oh-too-late offers to "adopt" all those kittens/puppies/foals/calves and offer homes where they could live happily ever after.

But the Philadelphia story?  Nah!  We're speaking only of humans here.  Of what importance are thousands (true figure unknown but surely much more than tens of thousands) of babies who were never allowed to enjoy what Thomas Jefferson called their "unalienable Rights".

If you haven't read about this yourself, click on the link in my first line and read what Melinda Henneberger has to say in today's Washington Post.  If you are not appalled, you might consider asking God why this does not cause your heart pain and sorrow.  We should all be sorrowing for these lives lost in such horrific, premeditated, evil manner.

And if you think this is "much to-do about nothing", read the Grand Jury report here.  Go ahead! Read it, and see if I exaggerate.

Whatever you do, don't bury your head in the sand.
God help us.


Diane said...

It's finally getting more national media coverage, as there has been a twitter-storm of pro-life/conservative pressure on the issue for the last week.

It's a sure sign of the depravity of our times that something like this is ignored, while increasingly stupid things garner major headlines. Your comparison to the coverage a vet would have received, had a vet done the same thing to animals, is right on the money. We care more for kittens and puppies than babies.

Thandi said...


Tina said...

God help us indeed! I copied the link to the grand jury report and posted it on my Facebook. Thanks for using your blog to make others aware of this!

Persis said...

No you aren't making much ado about nothing. Words can't describe the horror. We should care about animals, but God have mercy on us and bring us to repentance when we care more about them than babies.

Servivorgirl said...

Yes I know of this guy, he is a terrorist too. All i had to do was read the first line. He is a monster and all the people who helped him, well, they are too.