Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Pretty Green at our House

Today's color is "green". Not that I choose any particular color but simply because a batch of photos yesterday included some cool examples...all unplanned...I was simply snapping away with the new digital camera Hubby bought for me, checking this feature and that. And look what happened! (you can click on the photos for close-ups)
Mr. Robin was happy to pose beside the church near the vineyard. The vineyard consists of a single grapeless vine...but it is still lovely to look at as it climbs a small lattice divider on the back property line.

This glimpse of the redbud tree happened quite by accident. I was playing with the zoom and these leaves got in the way of another photo plan. But aren't they lovely!

Mr. Ant insisted upon traveling across this photo. I would have included his portrait in more than one photo but he was traveling so fast the camera couldn't keep up. Portraiture was not his aim for the day. No matter...I snapped a nice photo regardless of his lack of cooperation.

The potted plant near the deck offered up this green leaf.

This one appears to be an "ant" highway or byway, but I saw no critters traveling hereon.

By the way! Today's Tip for the Day for all you bloggers? If you inadvertently delete a photo you had uploaded, you can simply right-click and select "undo". Oh, Man, am I happy to have discovered that!

Have a Green Day!


Pilgrim Mommy said...

Love your pics, especially the robin. Everything looks so lush and green.

Because of the heat wave and lack of rain, our grass/clover is crunchy and brown. God willing, we will get some much needed rain today.

Linda said...

Awesome photos! The details and the beauty of the simple things we take for granted that we see each day--Have a wonderful day!

melissa said...

Your camera does a lovely job, but there has to be talent behind the clicker as well. :) So pretty!

Btw, what's the tree in the bottom photo? I can't name it...such wonderful leaves it has.

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures...everything is a crisp brown, here! Fried by the heat of the sun...we have endured unseasonably hot temps, lately.

S. Etole said...

So much fun both for you and for us to enjoy ... and of course I'm curious as to what kind of camera you have.

Bill said...

I really like that robin and those leaves and that ant. Looks like art to me.

Just the thing for a man returning from Greenland to see.

I wonder which of my Google account name will pop up this time?

Kelly said...

What a wonderful batch of photos!!!

Thanks, too, for that pointer. Definitely something worth remembering!

Dandy said...

Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, really.

yiddle said...

great pics, especially the robin! another photo tip: when shooting macro (super close up) photos, use the self-timer. You'll end up with sharper pictures because even just clicking the button causes slight movement of the camera if you don't have a tripod.

Debra said...

Hello! I love the photos. It's amazing what a camera can do to open up new worlds to our eyes!
I wanted to comment about your previous post too-J.I.Packer's book "Knowing God," has a section about God's wrath-you might want to read it when you get back to teaching. It goes along nicely with your own words. Beautifully written, as always.
God bless you!

Glenda said...

Great Group of Gorgeous Green photos!!

Relyn said...

Oh, I adore that little churchy birdhouse. What a happy post.