Monday, July 19, 2010

Off the Horizon

Nudges in the ribs...that's what I've been getting...kindly nudges in the ribs. Both by email and by comments left here on my blog. A couple of you are wondering if I've succumbed or fallen off the edge of the earth. And so, in your kindness, you nudge and say, "Hey, what's up with you? Haven't heard from you lately. Hope you're okay!"

I know. I've been a bit slack this past couple weeks. And in prior posts I had mentioned health problems. So now I need to assure you that, yes, we are well at our house, in spite of multiple medical appointments, chemo, etc.

It's just's just that my "blog brain" has been slack lately. And I'm reluctant to blog about every little health concern. It's bad enough that I have been dealing with cancer for a year and a half now. I dislike intensely that it has become the center of conversation in our lives and so I avoid talking "health". I'm tired of the chemo, of being bald, of wondering what the next blood test will reveal. And so, I try to forget about it.

So...what else is new in life? Ah, the yard! Yesterday I brought home two large potted plants that were 90 percent off at the local hardware store that sells nursery stock every spring. They looked a bit bedraggled but I gave them a haircut and a trim with my kitchen shears and they will recuperate fully and be blooming within two weeks. I'm certain of it. (You can't see them here...this is simply a photo of our back yard after last night's thunderstorm.)

Last night! At 3:00 AM! A doozy of a thunderstorm rolled through town, popping thunder loud enough that I turned off the computer and unplugged everything to do with it, including the phone line. I have a surge protector but my skeptical nature tells me even those sometimes fail to do their job.

It's still kinda gray and wet outside...and even though Hubby tells me we're in for rain all day, I'm hanging my bet on the old saying, "Rain before seven, over by eleven." I'll fudge a bit and say, "Over by 1 PM."

We'll see who's or the radar. *smile*



Karen said...

Glad you're okay!

Hey, we could surely use some of that rain here in south central PA! Please send some our way! :)

Your gardens look beautiful!

Pilgrim Mommy said...

How lush and green. I wish you could send some rain our way. The lawn is crispy, crunchy brown.

Still praying for you.

S. Etole said...

Our last thunderstorm knocked out the doorbell system ... but the rain has been welcome.

Kelly said...

Your lawn looks so green and beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful yard you have! I can only imagine how wonderful it must smell after a thunderstorm! Don't get much of that here in Nevada, summer or winter!

Debby said...

Holy cow. We don't need it in NW PA.

As one of the rib nudgers, I'm glad to hear all is well, my friend.

Elle Bee said...

Your backyard is so lush and peaceful. That storm sounded fierce.

Marydon said...

So glad to know you are doing okay, sweet lady. Did miss you, but hate to bug someone when they have 'things' on their mind & in their life.

MD is desperate for rain ... blow hard our way ... don't you just love the scent of fresh rain?

What a pretty backyard you have.
Have a lovely summer's eve~
TTFN ~ Marydon