Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's a White-Out Blizzard and We're Home Safe and Snug

It's Saturday night. And there's a blizzard. A white-out blizzard. And you thought nothing exciting was happening in America tonight! Read on!

There ain't no sunshine in Iowa today. Nor in Minnesota. As you can see by the weather map the entire State of Iowa is under a blizzard warning. And has been since early this morning.

Roads in northwest Iowa and the southern half of Minnesota are closed according to their respective highway websites. I-29 in Iowa is closed from Missouri Valley all the way north to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. That's a 162 mile stretch! Closed!

Right now the wind is whistling along at somewhere between 30 to 50 miles an hour. Our windows are covered with a fine-powdered snow that has whisked its way right through the screens to the double-pane windows inside.

And our birds! Last year the feeder hung under the tree out back. This year we moved it out front by the picture window and the little feathered critters had only just recently found it again. This mornng it was cold! Bitterly cold! The birds arrived early and stayed late. Finally, at dusk, I brought the now-snow-filled feeder inside, emptied it of its snowy birdseed and set it in the tub to let it thaw. I'll refill it in the morning with dry seed and hang it out again. I'm sure our friends will be ready for breakfast.

Meanwhile, my daughter in Minnesota spent the day baking cookies (except for the short time she tried driving to the quick shop for coffee and ended up backing all the way home in deep snow). She plans to bring cookies down for Christmas and they sound very yummy and I hope my grandson does not eat them all in the meantime, because as a friend told me, he has hollow legs and he needs lots and lotsa cookies! But I'm hoping!

And here? We're snug inside. We've no place we need to go. And I'll share a pic of our little Christmas tree.

Stay safe!


Diane said...

Snug inside sounds wonderful. We won't get as much snow - only 3 - 5", but the wind will be just as fierce. Then temps drop to single digits for the next three days...ay, I'm too tired for this!

Stay inside, warm and safe - I'm sure the Lord will understand if it is too dangerous to travel to be together tomorrow.

Connie said...

Last year we had a week of being pretty much snowed in and we put fresh water and food out daily for the day we stood mesmerized for over an hour by the window watching more birds than we've ever seen at one time in our yard take their turns at the feeder and water hole. So fun! Enjoy being cozied up, safe and snug in your blizzard. I hope you manage to get a cookie ;-)

Tina said...

Yep, we're all snug inside too! About 14" of snow today, and now it's blowing hard. We took a drive in the truck around town--roads barely plowed, freeway ramps not ploweed at all, many stores and restaurants closed. Even the Mall of America closed at 6pm!
Glad you are staying warm and safe :)

Laurie M. said...

Well, this is an experience I've never had, but it sounds very cozy to be snowed in, so long as you have heat and electricity and all the modern conveniences. Enjoy your snugness.

Kelly said...

Cute little tree!! That's the kind I want some day.

Stay safe and warm!!

Debbie said...

Ah yes, the rain here has turned to snow. I thought we discussed you not sending the snow my way. The meteorologist is saying up to another 2 feet my Wednesday morning. Lovely.

Poem Girl said...

We were traveling in it the car swerved 4 times We were very relieved when we reached our destination.There were times when we couldn't even see out of the car window!
-Poem Girl

Nancy said...

Yes, we had quite the storm too. They are kinda fun when you are all safe and snug in your house. I think I'll post about it this week too. Storms always get me thinking... Nice picture of the birds. Our feeders have become quite busy of late.