Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Know How to Write "SNORE" ! And now you, too, can write a new language!

I confess. I snore. Up until now only Hubby knows that. (Now you ALL know!!!) Snoring does not seem like something a lady should confess to, but there it is.

Recently, in the middle of the night, Hubby tapped me on the shoulder which is his signal to me to "Roll over, you're snoring." In that small moment between the tap and "awake", my mind had a mental pictuHow to Write a Snorere of how "snore" would look if it were written in snore language (not to be confused with plain English).

Here's a pic of that written sound. Just in case you ever need to write it out yourself. (You never know when this bit of info will come in handy!)

I'm an inventor of a new written language. But so far it only has one word.
She said with a giggle.


Renna said...

I think my snore may need more dots or dips, 'cause I snore REALLY loud and REALLY big!

It is kind of embarrasing for others to know that. My hubby has invited his youngest son and family to join as when we go camping in a couple of weeks, and stay with us in our travel trailer. I'm not a selfish person. I don't mind scrunching up to accommodate another family, but I dread knowing I'm going to keep them all awake with my snoring. Hubby knows to pack his earplugs. I guess I should warn my stepson and his family to do the same. Sigh.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Every once and a while I think I may snore. I wake up when I do. So far the only one besides mu DH that knows is YOU! LOL!
I wonder if you are home? Did you get your prize yet?