Saturday, August 16, 2008

Isaac Newton Revisited - According to Barry Newman

I like to figure out how things work. My mind likes working with mechanical things and knowing how this gizmo causes that watchamacallit to push that thingamajig to cause the whole apparatus to function in some fancy fashion and produce a desireable output. (Phew!...that was a longggg sentence!)

If your mind works that way, too, you will enjoy this article by Barry Newman on how the Dive-Cam was developed for filming the Olympic diving competition. And you can see a graphic visual here on how the camera works.

The camera system we're talking about is designed to capture the entire dive, including the moment the diver enters the water as well as the moments underneath the surface. Way Coool. Especially for those viewing the Olympics on television.


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cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! How interesting. I never knew that. Thank you for the information.
I have been almost glued to my T.V. watching all of the Olympics that I can. How about M. Phelps? How historic!