Monday, August 25, 2008

It's So Impersonal!

We live 45 minutes from a large city and sometimes when I am up there for other business I stop at the Wally Mart to pick up items that I cannot find in our small town.

Recently I'm beginning to think it's not worth the effort. Frankly, Mr. Wally, I detest your self-checkout lines. The machines are slow, the instructions confusing, and the bagging system stinks. Worse, your people clerks are slow as well! Still...if I have my druthers I'd rather deal with them than the self-checkout. At least I feel that by doing so I'm helping someone else maintain a job for whatever that is worth.

Somehow I'm offended by your self-checkout. It's so impersonal. It's offensive. It's as if my good-will is not important enough for you to 'wait on me' as I exit your store.

It's offensive enough that I'm already approaching my hometown business asking them to stock the items I need. My home town gets my $$$, I save walking the length of a football field to pick up a carton of soymilk and I don't have to deal with your self-checkout.

Oh, Please, Mr. Mike of Hometown Business, PLEASE do not install self-checkouts! PUH-LEEZE!!!


Sheri said...

I don't like Wally World either. Customer service at ours is terrible. Prefer to use the small local stores. But prices are getting so high around here DH suggested maybe I should try their groceries.Not fond of the idea myself. We'll see.

cinnamongirl93 said...

I am in agreement with you. This world is changing so quickly. I long for a simpler time. I am torn between the slow moving past and the fast paced future.

yiddle said...

I LOVE self checkout! I get in and out in half the time if I can do it MYSELF!!!! We have them up here at Home Depot and a couple of the grocery stores and I always use them instead of regular checkout. Usually there aren't any lines there either.