Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There are a Lot of People Wanting Your Money!

Seems like it's just one crook after another. Or perhaps it is just the way today's business world does business. For my previous rants about debit and credit card fraud and unauthorized withdrawals from checking accounts read here.

Today I'm looking at another possible scam. A family member called and said she had received a bill in the mail for a subscription to Fitness Magazine. The funny thing is, this person never ordered the magazine. So she went online to find out if others were being scammed in a similar way. Sure enough, she found similar complaints here. (Isn't Google a lifesaver!) By the way you can find a toll-free number at that same site in case you, too, have been a victim.

It's so convenient these days to use 'automatic bill pay' or to go online to pay bills or to use debit and credit cards for purchases. These all make it easier to navigate through our days without carrying cash or writing checks. However, it also makes it easier to be scammed by crooks who know how to cheat the systems and how to steal your identity. Whether you are young or old, the crooks want YOUR money! Be Wise!

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cinnamongirl93 said...

I agree. You have to be so careful. I am always getting urgent notices on my e-mail about a lottery winning or a long lost family member with millions to sent to me. Con men!