Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Crane Accident

Seems as if this is the Year of the Crane Accidents. Just a couple days ago, August 28, 2008, this one occurred in Dallas, Texas. Click here or here to read more about it. If I'm counting correctly (and I think I am) this is the third accident to happen in Dallas this year.

I've mentioned the seemingly numerous crane accidents before. And since those posts, there have been a couple others in the news that I have not mentioned here.

Some genius out there could make a fortune by designing and producing a computerized module incoporated into the crane itself that would figure in all the factors involved in a given crane effort, a module that would immediately ring alarm if any one factor gets out of whack...if the item being moved is too heavy, if the wind is too forceful, if the angle of lift is way offfff in regards to safety. And surely, it might be a good idea if all persons non-essential to the task were outside of the radius of a potential fall.

But then again, perhaps a committee is already in place to avert or prevent further accidents. Surely??? Somewhere???? Someone?????


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