Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This One is a Giggle or a Groan, Depending on Your Perspective

I got a giggle out of Michelle Palmer's recent post that you can read here. You may think her "collection of things little" is a bit weird, but it resonates with me...I tend to have little collections around the house too. I don't have this one because I just don't happen to have a resident feline. (Hear me giggle! )


cinnamongirl93 said...

ZI went over and read the post. Hmmm...That's very different!

Michelle Palmer said...

Coming soon on our blog...I've made a wee little mouse~ her little face will be adorned with kitty whiskers! Yep...kitty whiskers on a mouse.

Thanks for stopping by & your note about my jar of whiskers~
Love your blog!
Hope you have a wonderful day...

Renna said...

That was one of the stranger collections I've seen, and yet so clever!