Friday, October 17, 2008

Laundry and Time

We've arrived at our granddaughter's home and it's our first opportunity in a week to do laundry. I tossed in the lights, first, and when I later took them out of the machine I spotted my watch in the machine! I thought I had left it on the kitchen counter of our friends near Roseburg. Aaach! My Seiko watch! My $4 Seiko watch! One of the best yard sale buys of the summer! Possibly ruined!!!

However, I'm an optimist. I was able to pry the back off the watch, remove the battery, and placed all on a sunny window ledge. It's very possible the window sill treatment was unnecessary... perhaps it was waterproof enough to survive a 20-minute cold-water wash... but I was taking no chances. An hour later, the watch is back together and running just fine!

Whew! I like this little watch. The dial is large enough that it's easy to read the time and I would have been bummed it it had died.


Renna said...

Praise God, your watch survived!

whitestone said...

More than you know!! I awoke in the middle of the night, looked at my watch and it was way off! I figured it died a slow death. Until the next morning, when I looked again, it was upside down. It's still working fine!!