Friday, October 17, 2008

Talk About Coincidence!

We spent three days last week in Oroville, California, where my husband attended his 55th class reunion. It was great fun for him to "catch-up" with many of his friends from his high school days.

Hubby lost his yearbook decades ago and just on a whim, I searched for "Oroville" on eBay and found four yearbooks for sale for the four years Hubby was in high school. A friend helped us make a buy-it-now offer and the books are already in the mail. They will arrive just about the time we get back home. How cool is that! And what would be the odds of this happening the day he is gabbing with his old classmates?!

I took this photo the day after we arrived home. Hubby spent an hour or more perusing old photos and their autographs! Inside one of the books were report cards belonging to the previous owner.

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