Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fluffy Stuff

I should warn you ahead of time that this is a Rant! And please be aware that I don't consider my opinion to be a necessary opinion of anyone else. <giggle>

My subject today is those Fluffy, Puffy, Poufy comforters that take the place of an old-fashioned bedspread. Comforters are supposed to be THE way to make the bedroom an attractive room in your house. One would think, by observing the bedding department in the local store, that a Real Bedroom has a bed piled high with a thick comforter, a matching afghan thrown casually across the foot of the bed, and a high stack of pillows suitable for a "Princess and the Pea" experience. (If you don't remember that bedtime story, click here to refresh your memory.)

Let's face it. This kind of a bed (comforter + afghans + pillows to high heaven) is really, really impractical. In order to get Into bed, one must remove twelve pillows and find an overnight place for them. (The little chair beside my bed will not hold twelve pillows.) During the middle of the night, One must constantly tug and pull in order to keep that Designer Comforter from sloughing off the foot of the bed. In the morning, the Maid of the House (that's generally me, but sometimes Hubby does an admirable job of filling in!) must smooth the sheets and any interleaved blankets, must tug the comforter back up to its proposed position, and then must gather twelve pillows from the chair (and the floor) and place them in a well-displayed, attractive way on the bed. The Result is that the bedroom again looks like the Bedding Department at JC Penney or Younkers or Macy's (they all look the same in spite of different brands).

Yesterday I grabbed that unappreciated comforter, folded it, tied it up, and consigned it to the stack of items for donation. Someone else will have a Department Store bedroom. Our bed will now feature an electric blanket, a couple other blankets, and a thin quilted bedspread. And the twelve decorative pillows? At our house there are actually only three (sometimes I exaggerate!) and they now enhance the guest bed.

By the way...if you have a Resident Cat, one which you pamper and love, please disregard all of the above. Resident Cats will love the poufy setup. I think there should be a Resident Cat lounging on every bed in the Store. Might sell more comforters!


Angoraknitter said...

I have to thank you. I linked to the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt contest from your blog, and I wouldn't have ever won if you hadn't directed me over there.

I don't have said fancy bed set up either. Though I do like extra pillows for sitting against while reading at night...I just dump them onto the floor, no cat here, but the dog sure wishes I'd let him sleep on them...though he does have his own fluffy spot.

WhiteStone said...

Congrats on the Quilt from Red Barn! The quilts in her giveaway were sooo cool and I know you will love it!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! Angoraknitter won!? Wow, I didn't even bother to enter due to the fact that the site gets slammed with entries.
I agree about the bed stuff. All I have on mine is a big down comforter that is on my bed year round. Oh yes, it is covered with a flannel duvet cover. I also have 2 pretty pillows that sometimes grace the bed. That is when I'm not too lazy.

Cat Rocketship said...

Fluffy comforters are not very comfortable. They make me very hot.

We have a simple set up: one sheet, one quilt, four (actual) pillows.