Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Printer Ink, Lesson Plans, Sourdough Bread and Thanksgiving

Two days before Thanksgiving! Oh, man, my brain is awhirl. I've pulled out some favorite recipes and am already at work baking bread using the sourdough starter (you can read more about sourdough here!) I'm having great fun playing with making sourdough bread and rolls and I may even try pancakes...but not today.

Today I'm printing out Bible study lessons for my small group of women in a nearby facility. Since we are coming up towards Christmas their interest is piqued and after a short video tonight, we'll look at the Gospel of Luke where Gabriel presents himself to Zacharias, Mary, and Joseph. My printer is running low on black ink and so I've printed some pages in color. Normally I use the color cartridge for photos but, Alas! It's necessary today to use it for lessons.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I'll begin cooking in earnest. The pies will be easy as I've already put together the dough for the crust. Sometimes I use the store crusts but frankly, they are yucky compared to mine. Our grandmothers used lard and some folks still do. Lard makes the very best, the very flakiest of crusts. But even though it is still available in stores, I've opted to use butter. Not Quite as flaky, but close.

My mind is awhirl. Tomorrow will be a day of cooking and baking and roasting. Thursday will be a day of family and friends.

I can hardly wait!!


cinnamongirl93 said...

Don't you just love a day filled with cooking and baking?! After work tomorrow I will be baking a few pies too! Tonight I am making all of our mashed potatoes for the big day. I have a fantastic recipe for make ahead mashed potaoes. I have been making them ahead for several years now.
I got my sourdough starter in the mail a few days ago. Maybe I'll start it for baking this long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

Renna said...

I wish I made a good pie crust. My late mother-in-law's pies were so delicious, with the flakiest of crusts. I wish I'd spent time watching her make them. I'm trying to get up the nerve to try making my own for Thankgiving. I don't have any lard. I have Crisco shortening or butter, so I guess it will be one of the two.