Saturday, November 15, 2008

Roy Rogers and Trigger Once Sold Three-Buckle Overshoes

This morning the opening webpage on the puter showed an ad for shoes from JCPenney... on sale PLUS free shipping both ways (in case they don't fit and they have to be returned). I clicked to see if they had my favorite walking shoes on sale. Nope.

However, the jog over to JCP jolted my memory and brought to mind the pair of three-buckle overshoes I wore in kindergarten. I'll tell you up front this was eons ago. Almost back in prehistoric times.

Shortly after World War II (I told you...Eons Ago!) we had just moved to an 80-acre farm in western Iowa. The land was hilly and partially tree-covered. There was a small pasture area. The cornfields were on steep slopes that drained down to a creek bottom. The house had neither electricity nor running water. (My Mom was Not Impressed with this move!)

Oh, man, this brings back memories. I could give you lots of details about this house. We left there when I was six and it amazes me how much I can remember about the two years we lived there. But the memory today was of the three-buckle overshoes that I wore to school in kindergarten.

My Boots were golden palomino colored. You know...the color of Roy Roger's horse, Trigger. Near the outside ankle each boot had a medallion-shaped picture of Roy astride Trigger.

I didn't even know who Roy Rogers was, let alone know anything about his horse, Trigger! We lived in a house with no electricity, remember? We had no television. Our radio ran on a battery and as such, it was reserved for farm news. Now and then we were allowed to listen to "Amos and Andy" or some other entertainment, but not often. I don't remember even having heard about Roy Rogers. The only movie I remember from that time was a black and white Dagwood and Blondie feature that was projected on the side of the grocery store in town one summer evening. I was clueless about cowboys and western movies.

But even though I did not know this famous cowboy, I thought these were rather cool boots. That is, until some kid spoiled that idea by commenting they were Boys' Boots. Then I felt a bit silly...Me, a Girl, wearing Boys' Boots. I had no idea I was wearing Boys' Boots. I just thought they were My Boots. I was slightly embarrassed. I relayed this bit of unhappy news to my mother who didn't acknowledge the veracity of this and told me these were my Only Boots, So Wear Them!

As I said, I was kinda embarrassed. Still...the Only Boots were kinda cool. And if I had them today they would surely be a museum piece for I'll bet that every pair in existence at the time has long since rotted away.

By the way, buckle overshoes are very efficient...they open wide to allow the pantlegs to be tucked and folded around the leg and then secured by a simple slap of the buckles. A flap under the buckle protects from water and mud and every other kind of muck. Buckle overshoes are perfect for boys who love to stomp in the mud. Every farmer knows that.

And so did Roy Rogers. read it here!


Sheri said...

I was such a tomboy when I was a kid it wouldn't have bothered me a bit to be told my boots were boys. LOL I grew up on a farm just like you described. We didn't get electric until I was eight that would have been 1951. And one of my beloved horses was a Golden Palomino.

jim said...

Wow! Roy Rogers, my favorite cowboy hero! Man I would have given anything to have those boots when I was 6. I had a Roy Rogers original holster with two pistols and I kept them close at hand to protect me. Especially at night! Spent a lot of Saturday matinees were with Roy and his horse trigger. Thanks for the memory!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I love this post. It's a great story! You were so lucky to have those boots. When I was little all I wanted for Christmas was white go-go boots. I did get them and thought I was so cool! Hmm, I haven't thought about that in ages.

Renna said...

I'm loving your stories!

Anonymous said...

I love this story about your buckle overshoes -- they sound cool to me too! :)