Monday, December 14, 2009

The Scam Bugs (Scum Bags) Are Still At Work!

Crooks abound!!! And I'm betting I just heard from another one. I don't know why I should be amazed at their audacity but I am.

Got a phone call today which my caller ID identified as "service call" and phone number (714) 607-5763. After a weird beepy sound a computerized woman's voice came on and suggested they were calling to help me "reduce the interest" on my "credit card". And she advised me to call some number (which I did not record so I can't tell you what it was). I haven't a clue who this company is, but I'm betting this one is a SCAM in CAPITAL LETTERS!

Ummmm, Yah. I'll betcha dimes to donuts this outfit would love me to call their number and give them my credit ID and then scam me out of $$.

My advice to self and to all of you? Nevah, Evah respond to one of these phone calls. NEVAH! If you've got a problem with the interest rate on your credit card, call the card company and try to negotiate. Or find a card company that will charge you less interest than the one you have now.

DON'T be giving your name, card number, bank account number, etc., to some unidentified individual over the phone. If they initiate the call, you have absolutely no certainty that they are honest and not a scammer. And if you initiate the call by calling a number THEY gave you, you are still in the dark and at their mercy.

My Very Best Advice in regards to credit cards! Don't! Just Don't use them UNLESS you are able to pay them off on a monthly basis.

If you can't pay for an item with the cash you have on hand, then you need to renegotiate how you are handling your money.

Just Sayin'!


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