Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welp! Didn't Find What I Was Looking For!

Welp! Cleaning the closet was done for a purpose and said purpose was not to count how many pair of jeans I have. Nope. I was hoping to find several skeins of yarn that I KNOW I had last year pre-chemo days.

Even though I am at last sporting some nice curly hair, I'm finding that my head gets a tad cold when I venture outdoors in the wintry wind. I figured I could make myself a nice stocking cap. Wouldn't take more than an evening or two. But I can't find the yarn and am wondering if I donated it to the thrift shop during my chemo-brain days. Chemo brain causes you to do some things that you later forget.

So...if one of you family members has my name for Christmas you can either fetch me a new stocking cap (I do have more than one already but I like a variety of colors) or the yarn with which to make one.

Just sayin'. In case you need a hint.



blushing rose said...

I have a feeling you are going to be topped in style ... best wishes & hugs,
TTFN ~ Marydon
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Karen said...

I do that, too, more now than ever before I had chemo - forget where I've put something. So frustrating! It'll turn up again, though, just after you've given up ever finding it!

melissa said...

Chemo-brain, eh? That's a new term for me! I have a friend who's been taking chemo, and I've noticed that when I ask her a question she'll study my face for a split second before answering me. It seems that she's really intent, but I'll bet it's something like what you're referring to.

Btw, would love to see a new photo of your curls!

Debbie said...

Look at your lovely curly hair!!! When I had short hair, not because of chemo but just because I could, I remember my head would get so cold in the winter. But I bet you hate having to cover up the new hair growth!

Debra said...

Your hair is very pretty in the picture-but I would also like to see the new curls. I think I told you I had brain surgery some years ago-not cancer-but it was a tumor. ALL my long long hair had to be shaved. It was awful and it actually hurt when they cut it, because they were in a hurry! Well, I had the curls too, when it started to grow out. I have slightly wavy hair that can get sorta curly in humid weather. Wonder why that buzz cut or chemo does that?
Hope you find your yarn!