Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whereupon We Goofed BigTime!

Tonight we goofed. Big time. I hope our Pastor doesn't read my blog. Or perhaps I hope he does for it will explain why we were not at his house tonight.

This morning I looked at our calendar and told my Hubby, "Tonight is Christmas Open House at the Pastor's house." And we made a mental note of it for we intended to attend and to happily greet our Pastor and his wife and be amongst our friends who would be greeting one another, and saying Merry Christmas to one another, and eating of the bounty of which the Pastor and his wife would have ready for us.

For their Christmas party Mrs. Pastor always has a very large pot each of three different soups, one of which is Cabbage Soup, and which nobody around here in western Iowa makes and yet which every one of the congregants agrees is the best soup ever. Pastor and Mrs. are natives of elsewhere. Maybe not far elsewhere and maybe everyone makes Cabbage Soup there. But I had never heard of it here. And it is rich and it is good. I was looking forward to seeing everyone and I was also looking forward to Cabbage Soup.

And then, late tonight, I glanced at our calendar again, and "Oh, My!", I checked the clock, and realized we were half an hour past the closing time of the Open House. We missed greeting Pastor and Mrs. Pastor with a hearty and happy "Merry Christmas". And we missed sitting and carrying out buzzing conversations with our friends. And we missed the Cabbage Soup.

And now we have to go to church tomorrow and we will be embarrassed to say "we forgot". But that's the plain truth of it...we forgot. I, myself, could claim a perfectly good excuse. Even though I finished my last chemo in July I could still claim the residual "chemo brain" of which many cancer patients complain. They forget things and it's like their brain works in a fog. But, alas, my brain is working quite well these days (except for occasional forgetfulness!), and I cannot in all honesty claim "chemo brain". I will have to face the music and face the fact that we just plain "forgot". (low groan here)

The problem is, I will have to face it alone. My Hubby has to be elsewhere in the morning so I will be going to church without him.

Since it is the Christian thing to be forgiving of others, surely Pastor and Mrs. will do that, won't they? Won't they forgive us for being so dumb as to forget a Christmas party?!! I can always quote Scripture, I suppose, if I have to. I could quote Matthew 18:21-22! But they're both pretty knowledgeable about Scripture, so surely I won't have to do that. To remind them to forgive, that is.

I think I forgot because I kept thinking today was Friday. I'm still bummed about the whole thing.

(Huge sigh of contrition!)



Grahamn Kracker said...

I want some cabbage soup, now!

I had forgotten there was such a thing. I used to eat it sometimes in South Dakota and it was good.

I see I pop up on here as Grahamn Kracker this time, and indeed I am he, but I think you know my other identity.

WhiteStone said...

Yes, I know that you reside in the city of Wasilla and take many photos on your way to the coffee shop.

Paula said...

I'm so sad that you missed your Pastor's Open House. But, I'm thinking that you need to ask for and post the recipe for the Cabbage Soup!!

Ruth Z Deming said...

just discovered your blog thru the photoman of wasilla. wish i knew your first name - judy? anyway, judy, why don't you ask the pastor if you could stop over their house and have a cup of cabbage soup? then you could have a short make-up visit. and your readers would get to hear all about the soup and perhaps make it ourselves!

S. Etole said...

The soup and the fellowship sound wonderful ... bet you are already "forgiven."

Elle Bee said...

The same thing happened to us last year! My excuse was that the twins were only weeks old, and I was claiming baby brain. We too were forgiven. :o)

Karen said...

So sorry that you missed (uh... "forgot about") the party, but I'll bet that it has happened to just about every one of us at some time, even to your pastor! I'd suggest inviting the pastor and his wife to your house sometime and suggesting they bring some of the cabbage soup to complement your main dish! Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Awww... I'm sorry you missed the party AND the cabbage soup!!! I posted a cabbage/tomato soup recipe a week or two ago. Is their soup anything like mine? I like cabbage, so if you can get her recipe please share!!

Kerry ABOUT ME said...

Last month I paid $30 to take my kids to an orchestra concert. I got a call from the organizer from the lobby saying our entire school group was there waiting for us for the big event. I totally forgot all about it. I totally forgot I had paid the money to even go to it. Needless to say we weren't possibly going to make it on time living 45 mintues away. My chemo ended in May and I still have chemo brain at times. Maybe on the up side some residual chemo is still out there battling the cancer. At least that is what I tell myself. You are so not the only one who "goofed." ;)