Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Tip Before You Go Shopping

Buried inside my closet are things unseen for several years. Some even with the original tag or receipt.

Note to self (and to anyone planning soon to shop for clothing):
Before hitting the store, clean the closet. Drag everything out, sort into two piles.

Pile 1 - Keep and wear.

Pile 2 - Donate to Goodwill or other charity. (If you itemize on your tax return you can count these as "donations" if given to a tax deductible charity...keep a list or ask for receipt.)

Sometimes when I hit the store or while I am window shopping, I spot something and think "I need that". I have a lot of jeans in my closet. Blue jeans. Colored jeans. Khakis. Two sizes of jeans because when I lost weight after surgery this year I went out and bought (over the summer) five new pair. Now those new jeans are heading to the basement because I've returned to my "normal" weight. I'll keep those five pair just in case but I also have a stack of 10 pair of the old size that will be donated. I have to admit that having 10 extra pair is a bit over-consumption. note to self...and my note to you...before buying another stitch of clothing, clean your closet. You might be as I, a bit surprised at your surplus of good clothing.

Oh! And the photo! That seems like a goodly supply of jeans but it doesn't include the half dozen pair that are in the dryer as I type.

I'm abashed. Maybe embarrassed. But I'm green...the 10 give-aways will be recycled to another user(s).



Daria said...

I so agree, when I started finding clothes in my closet that had their tags on ... I was embarrassed. It was a real eye opener.

Laurie M. said...

Good advice Judy.
You know I clean houses professionally. I have one client for whom I do more than clean. I keep her world from crashing down over her head. I've known several people like this in my life (NOT AT ALL saying you are one of those). These are folks who are overwhelmed with stuff and clutter and yet every time I come over they have stacks of new purchases, or are telling me about some new thing they just got, or their yard sale adventures. My greatest advice piece of advice to them (were they to ask), and to those less extreme versions is DON'T buy another thing until you've gone through your whole house and sorted through all your stuff. Make a place for everything, put everything in its place, get rid of anything you haven't used for more than two years (unless it has deep sentimental value, or unless you have plenty of space for it),and then, and ONLY then, go shopping. I won't buy anything I don't have a place for or a specific use for - preferably both.

I used to make my children do this every year before Christmas. It was a good exercise for them and seems to have prevented them from becoming packrats.