Sunday, April 25, 2010

If There Is Laughter In the Moment

I like to keep 'em on their toes. Those medical people, I mean. You see, life seems to be so serious in those clinics and beds and chairs. And although Nurse Diana and I do a lot of talking and laughing when I go out for bloods or for chemo, there are still a lot of patients there whose health is seriously not good. I recognize that.

But sometimes there is good cheer and laughter as we visit and encourage one another. Diana knows how to empathize and takes her patients seriously, but she also knows how to kid them a bit and get them to talking and laughing. (If they have employee of the month out there, Diana should be so-named every month of the year.)

So next trip out, I'm going to take along the most recent CT scans (Cat scans, if you please) from the home of my Daughter. Her kitties like to play on the puter desk...on the scanner...and, well, you can see the results. Two perfectly funny CT scans.

I think I'll take one of these with me when I see the Oncologist and ask him if he will please explain to me this latest CT.

But maybe not. I was so cheerful last time that for the first time ever, he gave me a good prognosis in terms of years. Nobody...neither in the Big City to the south nor at Mayo to the northeast has done that before. I think they know we cancer patients have already browsed the net and are quite clear on the statistics. So they are hesitant to make promises or, on the other hand, dire predictions.

I really do want to see his face when I hand these photos to him and ask him to "Please tell me what this means in terms of my longevity."

And Nurse Diana? She'll be showing the photos to every patient in her area. And laughing. And causing them to laugh as well. If there is laughter in the moment then it is a good moment.

Thanks, Daughter, for the scans. And tell those kitties to not take their health so a little...enjoy the day. Get off the scanner and go mess up the living room!


Kelly said...

A good dose of humor is SO therapeutic!

Cute photos! Be sure to let us know the doctor's response.

Glenda said...

Absolutely love this post - and those very unique CT scans! That'll make the doc "paws"in his busy schedule, I'm sure! Your own sense of humor in the midst of difficulties is to be admired!

melissa said...

So funny...before I *got* what I was looking at, I thought that the top skinny was your head with new hair! :)

Bless your joy!

S. Etole said...

these are just the best ... and cats have nine lives to boot!

Linda said...

Ecclesiastes 3:4 "time to weep and a time to laugh". I am thankful you are able to take laughter to the clinic, doctors and nurses! I am sure they appreciate it!

Dorothy said...

Those are the best CAT scans I've ever seen. I love them!

Debby said...

For whatever reason, I read the last line as 'go mess in the living room'. WhiteStone? I was a little appalled that you would suggest such a thing to cats.

This post made me laugh.


supplies overflowing! said...

Hey There!!
Your scans are great! I didn't "get" the first photo in the beginning either- but I love these. I think they'd be great conversation pieces to display in your home after they make the rounds!

Caroline said...

Our sense of humor should be the last thing to go, well hope should be there as well. My husband and I laugh about cancer because what else is there to do but cry?

Love the scans. My cat does not need any assistance in messing up anything.

Kathy C. said...

I think that's absolutely a great idea! I love your humor, and how your heart laughs and knows that "Laughter is good medicine..." :)
Blessing to you today...can't wait to hear about your Doc's reaction to these! :)

The Quilt Ladies said...

Well, I took me a bit, but what a great post. You make me smile, thanks for sharing, you made my day !

Whidbey Woman said...

Humor is so important, and so needed. Keep smiling, and laughing!
:) Lol

Daria said...

Oh that is so funny ... you'll have to share his reaction.

yiddle said...

we could probably get Tink to sign a copy for you while you're up :P