Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where Can I Find Morel Mushrooms!

Where is the best place to find morel mushrooms, you ask? Some of you ARE asking...I see that you're googling for that information and are reading what I wrote about morels last spring.

So here is the link to last year's post about finding morel mushrooms in western Iowa.

Anyone who has eaten morels knows they are a delicate treat. The locals sell them by the sacks full to buyers who transport them to the big cities.

I'm hoping someone local will read today's post and remember that Hubby and I don't go mushroom hunting...we depend upon the gracious offerings of friends and neighbors. Very gracious offerings. Lovely thoughtful offerings. You are such nice people!


yiddle said...

ooh but you SHOULD go...and then bring them up here!!!

Debby said...

How can you have more-els when you ain't had no -els yet?

Gregg said...

Wow! Never thought I would hear those words in the same sentence, mushrooms and delicate treat.

I just shuddered, I am not a mushroom fan.

Anastasia said...

YOU are nice people :)

Bill said...

I've never tasted a mushroom that I do not like. Often, when I go into a restaurant, if I don't know what the dishes are I will order the one that has mushrooms.

Those look pretty good.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hello!!!!! Thought I would stop in for a visit. If I had any mushrooms I would give 'em all to you! I am a mushroom hater. No fungus for me! Blessings to you!!!

Sarah said...

Well actually I found three
Morel mushrooms yesterday
and may I say they are
very Delicious indeed