Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Last Touch --- A Very Old One!

You might like to read my version of This Old House. That's where I salvaged these glass handles (four of them) from the kitchen. With my brother's strong help. The bolts were rusted. Just click here.

The handles were covered with old paint so I soaked them in ammonia and simply wiped them clean. Must have been latex paint as I'm not certain that would work on oil based paint. But I'm no expert, so if you wanna try that, go ahead.

Found some fittings at the hardware store and installed these on the four cupboard doors behind the tub. I love that these are "originals" from "Our Old House" and not modern, new ones from the store.

Nobody else knows but me (and you) but it pleases me to know. I'll have good memories every time I open these doors.



Diane said...

The place I rent has the pretty glass doorknob on the inside of the bathroom door - I love it, but it's the only one like it in the house. The place I grew up in had them on the bedroom doors, too, I believe.

Your knobs look good as new!

melissa said...

My grandparents had glass doorknobs throughout their house on the regular doors.

This post brings back some memories.

Hope you're feeling well today. :)

Melanie said...

LOVE glass knobs! Great job!

~ ~

Glenda said...

Love the glass handles . . . and I love "original" things, too! Especially if they are connected to memories!

Linda said...

They are perfect--Look so nice-and a special memory besides! How was your Easter with your nephew and his family? Oh! Maybe I missed your blog telling about it!

Kathy C. said...

How neat! They look new, so you're right, no one would ever know, but what a fun memory for you to have them from your old home. :)

Gregg said...

Very creative. Good to have a memory from something older close by.Good use of them and I think, for what it might be worth, cool!

Bill said...

Somehow, this takes my mind back to when I was a small boy and puts me in my grandma's house. I cannot specifically remember any such knobs, but they seem in keeping with the decor of her tiny house.