Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teach! It's a Tough Name to Live Up To!

Last evening I watched the first episode of the new series, "Teach: Tony Danza". You see, Danza taught tenth grade English at Northeast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the 2009-2010 school year. Actor turned teacher. His classroom time had a dual purpose...teaching!...and acting! A "responsible reality" show, as he called it.

That show premiered October 1. And I'm looking forward to watching each week's episode.

Along with watching Danza to see if he managed to have the fortitude, wisdom, smarts, and resilience for his new role, it was also interesting to make first acquaintance with the students in his class.

But you know what? I seemed to focus in on Danza's hair. More than once. You see...Danza has more hair than I do. It's been eleven weeks since my last carbo/taxol treatment and my hair is still only 1/4 inch long (more like 3/16ths, but you get the visual).

However...I've been down this road once before...almost exactly a year ago...and I know what to expect. I'm figuring my hair will soon begin a slow spiral, a spiral that will turn curlicue as time goes by.

And then, Tony Danza, you will have hair envy. I know you will. Remember what the Bible says? "Thou shalt not covet."

And kind man that you are, I'm certain you will be just fine.

Definitely lookin' forward to seeing you in the classroom. I hope you do your job well.


S. Etole said...

That looks like a show that might be worth watching ...

I have a friend that is looking forward to hair growing back soon. She has one chemo treatment to go.

Glenda said...

I need to check out that show; there's so little worth watching any more.

I bet your hair will be beautiful soon! I have a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer and is beginning

Chez said...

WhiteStone.. I am wondering if we will get the programme in Australia. Haydn is thinking about cable due to our limited free to air programme selection.
The hair! Knowing that beauty comes from within your beauty will always shine through. The hair is like the 'icing on the cake'
You may find yourself with a new style; one that others will copy.

Debby said...

Just think, WhiteStone! By the time that the holidays roll around, you'll have that gorgeous white hair again! We expect to see pictures.

Martha said...

Yeah, it's funny how we are about hair. I wanted my hair to come back too, and now that it's several inches long, it's irritating me so much I've been thinking of cutting it back off to about 3/4" long. : )And then I was thinking of dying it cobalt blue... I hope your hair comes in fast and thick.

Nancy said...

I might have to check this show out, it sounds interesting.
As a teacher myself, I would like to see how Tony handles himself in front of a class.