Sunday, October 10, 2010

That Whiner! He's Become a Deck Inspector!

Remember last year when I mentioned our neighbor cat, Whiner? The three-legged cat? (You can read about his last year's visit here.) Well, it appears Whiner has become a deck inspector. Even though our front deck is not yet completed, he's checking out the construction.

Even though he has only 3 legs and hence, weighs less than the average kitty, he figures these steps are sturdy enough to bear up under the weight of multiple cats. You'll notice that he's also checking the street to make certain no cars are going to run over him while he's away from home.

Ooops. Gotta stop and leave a few cat hairs on clean pant legs. Whiner does not neglect his catly duties. He's faithful that way.

Checkin' for safety...Purrrr, just the right width to keep any kitty from falling through the rails.
Another look towards the street. Those dratted cars! (Here you can see that Whiner is missing his left hind leg...thanks to a nap under the hood of one of those dratted cars when he was a wee kitty. Whiner hates cars!)

Passed Inspection. Yep! Even though this deck is not finished, Whiner has given it full approval. He'll be back often, you can bet on it. And he's welcome, anytime.
By the way! I hope you'll take a look at my other blog, "Those Three Guys". They have kitties visiting them, too.



Cat Rocketship said...

Cats are clearly not very good inspectors. Were it up to Whiner, he'd probably send the workmen home now.

Poem Girl said...

Whiner looks just like
our fluffy Maxi-Million
that we had to get rid of sadly
he was so cute!
-Poem Girl

Tina said...

Your deck is coming along nicely! Love the pics!

Nancy said...

Cats always have opinions don't they? Lots of good deck progress already it appears!

Kelly said...

Whiner is a very pretty cat and appears to get along just fine with only three legs.

The deck is coming along nicely!

Debra said...

Awww-he looks like he's doing very well, even on 3 cylinders!

Denise said...

Changed my blog url. If you have it on a blog roll, you may with to change it.

Linda said...

He looks just like a cat my boys had when they were little. He would climb up a tree by the bathroom. Walk over the roof, someone climb down to the ledge of the dormer window and meow until Todd would open the window and take him in to the his bedroom. His name was "John."
I love your deck! It is a beautiful fall to enjoy it!

Glenda said...

Great pics - and narrative! Love your deck; wish I had one!

S. Etole said...

He has such beautiful coloring ... I'm sure he'll visit you often.

Debby said...

Now that you have a deck that is fit for a cat, he'll probably bless you with his presence more often.