Monday, June 2, 2008

Peonies Are In Bloom

How you pronounce "peonies" depends on where you live. Here in the Upper Midwest, populated by German and Swedish immigrants, we say PEE-uh-nees. I've heard other people call them pee-O-nees with the accent on the "O". It makes no difference how you pronounce the word, the flower is utterly beautiful. Cllick on the photo for a spectacular close-up.

When I was growing up, every yard had several peony bushes. If the weather cooperated and the blooms were "on time" the flowers made lovely bouquets on Memorial Day.

They also make a lovely bouquet in my living room and the fragrance fills the house. I wish they would develop a peony that blooms throughout the summer. Heaven!

How did I take this photo? I sliced the peony in half and laid it on the scanner. Leaving the lid open gives it the black background. My scanner is old and there are probably glints from lint, etc., but the results are still lovely.


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jim said...

Living most of my life on the west coast we had a similar beauty. The rhododendron! I think that the Pee-O-nee has a much richer smell. Your bouquet is delightful as I pass by it on my way back and forth from office to kitchen. Thanks!