Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're Never Quite Satisfied with the "NOW"!

My post of January 19 reminds me of my wrong attitude today. In January I mentioned that the fierce cold of winter puts me in fear, a nagging fear, perhaps an instinctive fear that the cold will never end. Perhaps that is what causes depression to so many people during those long days of winter (long in consecutive, not long in hours).

In June the fear is there. It simply changes. Now I (and everyone else I meet) express the fear that "summer is almost over". How silly is that!? Summer has just begun. Yesterday, in fact. In the winter I fear the days will never end. In the summer the fear is that the days will too soon end. What a waste of time is that fear!

The days of spring have been getting longer and longer until now, the summer solstice, when the days will begin getting shorter. It's not even the 4th of July yet and we are already turning, running, thinking towards "winter is here again".

In the meantime, today is gorgeous. I need to live in the NOW and be grateful for every moment, winter or summer. God gives us a time for everything. Now is the time.

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