Wednesday, June 25, 2008

There's Nothing Nicer Than a Clean Floor Under Bare Feet

It's summertime. And I generally run around the house barefoot. And nothing is more irritating than stepping on some pebble brought in from outdoors, or sensing "sticky" on the floor in front of the stove or sink. (That's probably a bit of hyperbole for there are certainly things in life that are more irritating than a dirty kitchen floor ... the morning headlines for one!).

This morning, after French toast, I noticed that my beloved spouse, a man of many fine qualities but who is prone to dripping food and coffee everywhere he mosies, had left a huge spot of maple syrup on the floor in front of the dishwasher. I'm not talking about a small dab; this was the size of my big toe which had fortunately missed the syrup on its trip across the kitchen.

But Maple Syrup!!! Can you imagine the dire consequences of that having gone unnoticed! Sweet, Sticky Syrup tracked to carpet, to living room, to hallway. Oh, My! Oh, My!

No time like the present to remedy the situation. I mopped the kitchen floor. Mind you, this is not a common occurrence at our house. Other than my hubby's proclivity to leave a trail of crumbs behind him, we're generally tidy people. (He might disagree with the "tidy" part, at least in reference to me!) What I mean is that we generally take our shoes off once inside the door. No little children reside here. No pets. So other than wipe up spots now and then I tend to leave the mopping until the floor gets really bad.

And Oh, Once the mopping is done my feet love that new clean floor. There's nothing nicer than walking barefoot on a freshly clean floor. Well, relatively speaking, that is. I'm certain there are plenty of things nicer than that, but this morning I'm enjoying the minor things of life. It's good to do that once in awhile.

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