Monday, September 1, 2008

They Must Think We're Stupid...or perhaps...

They must think we're stupid. By "they" I'm referring to the creators of a magazine ad that features a very popular children's fish-shaped snack. Gold in color.

Here's the gist of the ad.

"Everybody's different."
"And that's only natural."
"These (trademark name) crackers are natural."
"Baked with REAL INGREDIENTS" (emphasis mine)

I am very, very pleased that they are baked with "real ingredients". It's good to know that when I offer them to my toddler great-grandson that he will not be eating imaginary food baked with imaginary ingredients. No, sirree, he'll be eating "real food" baked with "real ingredients".

Folks, it's like this. EVERY ingredient is REAL. If it weren't REAL, it wouldn't be included in the list of ingredients in that tiny print at the bottom of the side panel of the box. If it is an IMAGINARY ingredient, it doesn't have to be listed.

Imagine That!

I could add "Get Real!", but I've probably already carried this far enough.

She said with a silly grin.


Paula said...

Really? They're real ingredients??? Just imagine!!! LOL

cinnamongirl93 said...

I like how hosts of cooking shows want you to use the best eggs,flour ect. O.k I will make sure that I won't use rotten eggs or stale flour with bugs! Ha!
I know what you mean.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hmmm. Maybe my comment didn't work from yesterday?
I watch a lot of Food Network T.V. I always love it when the host will say to use the very best eggs, flour ect. O.K. I will make sure not to use my rotten eggs or the flour that's stale and has bugs in it. I know what your mean! LOL!

Cat said...

Have you seen the new commercials promoting high fructose corn syrup? "It's NATURAL because it's made from corn."

whitestone said...

Hi, Cat! I used to snicker at the peanut butter claim that they had "no cholesterol". LOL